The Iowa Democratic Focus Group Video Hillary Clinton doesn’t want you to see

Iowa Democrats Speechless over Hillary Clinton’s Accomplishment As Secretary Of State

The Washington Free Beacon said:

Iowa Democrats could not name a single accomplishment by Hillary Clinton when she served as Secretary of State.

Bloomberg’s Mark Halperin conducted a focus group of Iowa Democrats and asked them about Hillary Clinton. Halperin went around the room and asked each individual to name a single accomplishment by Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State.

“What did she accomplish that you consider significant as Secretary of State?”

The participants couldn’t answer the question.

“I can’t really name anything off the top of my head.”

“Give me a minute.”

“Um. No.”

“I honestly can’t say that I followed along with everything that was going on.”

One respondent was able to justify his support for Clinton with her long record of holding public office.






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