Hillary Tight Lipped On Benghazi Part II

Career politicians who have no allegiance to the United States should not only be drummed out of office, but prosecuted for corruption if they are convicted. Hillary Rodham Clinton is the perfect example of a career politician with no sense of loyalty to America but to push her leftist agenda. With the recent release of a book entitled ” Clinton Cash” by Peter Schweizer illustrates exactly why these words ring true. One scandal after another involving Hillary has come down the pipe like the flood of a torrential rain, and Clinton’s response is to duck questions from the press.

The latest news

In the latest revelation over the Benghazi disaster a recent disclosure has come about that the DIA (Defense Intelligence Agency) sent the White House the results of findings over the parties responsible for the fatal assault on the consulate killing 4 Americans including Ambassador Stevens just one day after the event. The intelligence report stated that the attack had been planned 10 to 12 days prior to the assault. Al Qaeda was behind this attack, that it was intended to take as many American lives as possible!

It gets worse

Even though the State Department under Hillary Clinton had this report in hand and President Obama was aware of it as well, the well known narrative of a spontaneous demonstration gone awry as a result of an obscure film on You Tube made by a Christian producer from Egypt had insulted Muslims the world over! It seems hard to believe that anyone would have found this false explanation within the realm of logic, yet this was the administration’s initial response. Hillary Rodham Clinton, Secretary of State, was at the helm and taking part in this cover-up! Not only that, but Clinton and Obama appeared on Arab TV in Pakistan spending 70,000 dollars in taxpayers funds to run an advertisement stating that the White House did not support the insult to Islam propagated in the little known film. As a matter of fact, the very act of these two alluding to this obscure production targeted the producer and cast by Islam extremists.


As it turned out, the producer of the film was hauled out of his residence in the middle of the night and arrested where he remained for weeks as the result of producing what was intended to be a comedy on the trumped up charges of the Obama administration Gestapo style! This is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes the sheer oppression now being practiced by the federal government under President Obama over the last 7 years. When State Department employees of the federal government cannot even rely upon White House leadership to safely remove them from an incendiary situation and then blame their negligence on an innocent citizen I must ask the reader when did the United States Government transform into the Soviet Union. It seems the promised transformation of America mentioned by Junior Senator Barack Obama was intended to be a little more radical than the sleeping dolts who elected him could have imagined!

Ignoring a plea for help

It was not just Hillary continuing to ignore repeated urgent requests for back-up by Ambassador Stevens in the weeks and days before the final deadly assault that saw a hole blown in the walls of the consulate compound, but the fact that rescue forces were ordered to stand down as the fighting became even more deadly. Reports that General carter Ham of AfRICOM who was going to respond regardless of the stand down order was arrested by a lower ranking officer which led to his later resignation is only one example of the frustration facing US forces who were poised to respond.

October Surprise

That the CIA was on the ground and in the area as the fighting raged was revealed. The fact that the Ambassador was captured at the safe house which was part of his emergency protocol indicates how badly US security had been breached. That terrorists had been allowed to enter the compound by security personnel just before the attack began uncovers a plot masterminded from within, not just a breach of the defended perimeter. Four Star Admiral Lyons revealed early on that the entire incident may well have been a botched prisoner exchange gone wrong with a trade for convicted terrorist, “the Blind Sheik” for a captured Ambassador Stevens as the “October Surprise” which would catapult Obama’s flagging popularity in the polls under the aegis that the president had ingeniously negotiated a deal to save our Ambassador to Libya while and releasing a terrorist to do it.

Another lie

Even though Ambassador Stevens was dragged through the streets for 5 hours prior to being dumped at a Benghazi hospital and raped and beaten in the process, the US media reported that he was kindly helped by the good, well meaning, people of the town to get medical help, but died of smoke inhalation. Foreign reporters on the scene quickly dispelled this calculated lie!

What difference did it make?

Even more disturbing in all this was the fact that in the midst of the fighting the officials from the NSA watched real time footage down linked via an Army drone over the area. In the White House situation room President Obama was briefed along with Hillary Clinton that afternoon when the attack broke out by CIA Director Leon Panetta. Yet, the president more concerned over his celebrity fund raiser in Las Vegas went to bed. An unidentified executive branch officer ordered the stand down of the military. The president, Director of the CIA, and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton were the only ones present who could have ordered the US military to stand down!

No accountability

These events, not to mention the general conduct of the Obama administration over the previous 4 years should have been enough to sink the president’s chances of re-election like the Japanese torpedo that sunk the USS Yorktown off Midway in WWII, yet as fate would have it. As a matter of fact, even Mitt Romney in his scheduled debate with Obama in the following days did not even press home an advantage to force the president to answer for the carnage at the Benghazi compound under his and Hillary’s watch!

More implications

It seems that Hillary Clinton was well aware of arm shipments coming into the harbor at Tripoli. Ambassador Stevens, who had been trafficking weapons to the Syrian rebels through a secret deal with Turkey in order to cross their border for a shorter overland route, was now trying to locate the very arsenal he had dealt to the rebels when the attack on the compound commenced. The links, the timing, and the denial are all insidiously locked together in an incriminating equation that ultimately seemed poised to conveniently liquidate witnesses who could have fingered White House officials presiding over the Libyan debacle.

More troubling questions

One might go further to ask why the US under the Obama White House had been involved in the overthrow of the Gaddafi government, why contracts for border security, and protection of US Consulates in the region had been awarded to Al Qaeda, a terrorist organization? Had these arrangements gone on without the prior knowledge of Secretary of State, Hillary Rodham Clinton? Are we really expected to believe this too?

Further negligence

One might also ask just why the Army reconnaissance group who had launched the drone that had been monitoring the battle at the Benghazi compound as Americans fought for their lives waiting for a rescue that never came, had not been debriefed over the real time images they had conveyed to the Defense Department and the White House Situation Room? These are examples of a gnawing dereliction of duty on the part of the president, Hillary Clinton, and others who knew American lives were at stake, did nothing to rescue them, and than lied to the American people about the events that precipitated the deadly attack.

The past does indeed matter

The past does most certainly matter, especially in the career of a politician trying to become President of the United States. When an individual exhibits the kind of self serving actions that led to the deaths of Americans serving our country, attempted to cover it up using lies, and even neglected to take measures to protect endangered State Department personnel in harm’s way, that person should never occupy the Oval Office as the President of this nation. The very idea that Hillary Rodham Clinton who has been at the center of numerous scandals that have led to the deaths of many is either the most fantastic string of coincidences of all time or a pattern of conduct completely unworthy to hold any public office much less remain from within the confines of a jail cell at the very least.


In the agenda of the left the past never seems to matter as they simply want to move on regardless of the damage, corruption, or even death caused by their means to an end as it is the only the objective that is important. Liberals will accept crimes committed by their idols. They will accept negligence when used as the deciding factor of a desirable outcome as it serves their agenda. The only prayer in hell that Hillary Rodham Clinton has is that her sins will be overlooked, that Obama’s executive amnesty will get as many welfare state illegal alien voters to the polls as possible in order to influence the outcome of the election, but the lies, the deaths, the illegal activity, will not matter. After all, “what difference does it make?”

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