Hillary Tight Lipped On Benghazi; Wonder Why? Part I

In 2012 under her watch as Secretary of Defense under the Obama administration, Hillary Clinton conducted herself deplorably and defaced the office that she occupied. As a result 4 Americans died including our Ambassador, and 19 additional US consulates through out the Middle East and North Africa were destroyed without response or retaliation by the Obama White House. Benghazi stands as one of the darkest moments in US diplomatic history and at the helm was Hillary Clinton. The US media is trying very hard to put this despicable chapter in American atrocities aside and get this woman elected as the first female president of the US in history, but the blood of Americans will not stop dripping from her hands!

The new era

We are in a very peculiar stage in this country right now where right and wrong have taken on a new meaning and accountability is merely an antiquated expression that has been rendered virtually meaningless. Among the purveyors of this perverse landscape of opportunism and lawlessness with impunity is Hillary Clinton, a politician who seems to be able to break every conceivable rule when it comes to the confidence and trust of the American people and just keeps plodding onward without a dent or a scratch. This cancer that we call the slippery landscape of US politics is being fueled by a ruling class unconcerned with the rule of law, but more distressingly so blatant and arrogant about it that it boggles the mind and conjures visions of the storming of the Bastille in July of 1789 when a pompous and unjust regime came to a ruthless end!

Not available

Hillary Clinton remains quite inaccessible to reporters wanting to get a reply from her over such subjects as the disposition of incriminating e-mails on her personal server which was in violation of State Department classification protocol. Still others would like to know about the ethics involved in donations made to her, Bill, and Chelsea’s charity foundation. While the burning questions about one of the worst betrayals of Americans overseas in history within a hostile country known as Libya remain unanswered, unprosecuted, and unavenged! Hillary understandably wants to move on, yet the families of the SEAL body guards with only token and insincere acknowledgment by the Obama administration have not been able to. The loss of a US Ambassador used as a regional arms dealer by the White House betrayed when he cried out for backup remains unexplained.

One scandal after another

Yet, with donations from political hack, George Stephanopolous, the supposedly conservative NewsMax, and another news organization owned by Rupert Murdoch, it seems all are willing to pay for access to the Clinton’s. Is this also a prelude to a Hillary Clinton poised to become president come hell or high water? Has the United States of America been so compromised from within that no matter what crimes are committed within the inner sanctum of our government that justice makes no difference at all? Is the righteousness of America now only an illusion handed to us on a cold platter by those who will kill to propel their political careers forward?

Those responsible

Those such as Hillary Clinton, who according to testimony, had prior knowledge of an impending assault, unleashed an assortment of deceptions to deflect the truth, and ignored repeated pleas for reinforcement by her Ambassador Christopher Stevens when the Benghazi consulate proved indefensible? These inconvenient truths need to be unearthed once again and presented to the American peopled without the interference of a news media trying profoundly hard to get her elected or an administration that wants the Democratic Party to remain in power long after Obama’s shadow has ceased to darken the White House.

To be continued

The circumstance in which Hillary Rodham Clinton must answer for are far too numerous to be covered in a single article. These are not hollow allegations or politically motivated accusations. The events that precipitated a massacre at Benghazi seem like more of an orchestrated failure that not only conveniently got rid of incriminating evidence, but ensured that a president losing popularity would still get re-elected if the right spin on a disaster was fed to the sleeping American public! The details to a deplorable scandal that has never been adequately probed due to the stonewalling of a GOP investigation and the refusal of the DOJ to properly enforce the law are only part of this treasonous puzzle that was allowed to be covered up!

Part II will soon be forthcoming.

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