The Plantation They Made For Themselves

Although few people bother to consult historical events, it is there that you will find the truth as opposed to the Marxist version of events portrayed by Democrats when redirecting from an embarrassing question or falsely accusing someone else for the shortcomings of their failed liberal policy. And so it goes with the treatment of Black Americans in the US. If one bothers to take a close look at cities governed for decades by Democratic leadership, the proof is in the pudding, so to speak, when gauging the effectiveness of liberal policy.

US Cities beneath Democratic rule

Detroit, under Democratic leadership for more than 4 decades, is in shambles and deteriorating embarrassingly. Baltimore’s inner cities are marked by the highest school district funding per capita of students and still grades and lack of attendance are among the worst in the nation. Let’s ask Elijah Cummings just exactly why in his years in public office he has done nothing to improve the social situation of Blacks in a city under his representation. Chicago, the very center of a political powerhouse of liberal anti-capitalism that spawned Junior Senator Barack Obama is in such debt and poor fiscal management that it has an abdominal credit rating. Yet, Chicago is a bastion of Democratic Party affairs with a murder rate that frequently exceeds any city in the US due to Black on Black homicides!

The illusion

If you listen to Michelle Obama’s speech at the Tuskegee Institute you would think that she had led a poor downtrodden life and that she is hated and was grudgingly allowed to give a lecture there. Yet, we know that she has led quite an affluent existence and was paid three hundred thousand a year for a cream puff appointed job in Chicago as Barack Obama launched his political career. If one bothers to analyze the essence of her class warfare and race baiting diatribe, you can get the distinct impression that her experience in America has fostered bitterness within her as though her privileged life never existed. Should she take responsibility for tainting the young inexperienced minds of graduates who will be entering the workforce very soon with loathing and mistrust?

Truth an elusive commodity

Perhaps Michelle Obama should instead caution the graduating class at Tuskegee about an economy that her husband should take responsibility for instead. That the president’s inept and indifferent fiscal policies have discouraged job growth, have forced employers offshore, and his use of regulatory agencies like the EPA to punish his political opposition have further retarded an economic recovery. Maybe Michelle Obama should realistically add that her husband, who has used the IRS to attack conservative groups like the Tea Party helped keep an oppressive regime at the helm in the White House with 93 million Americans out of work and a labor participation rate going back to 1978. Of course we cannot rely upon the First Lady to share the truth with the graduating class of the Tuskegee Institute as truth is not within the mission statement of this administration.

The truth hurts

Could it possibly be within the best interests of the First Lady or her husband, Barack, to reveal that an employer like Intel Corporation who manufactures computer chips that in order to open a plant in California must have to spend an extra billion dollars to meet environmental agency demands? So, where do those jobs go, the students might ask? Overseas, would be a good guess. Can you imagine how many jobs that extra billion dollars would create? Would it be prudent for Michelle Obama to admit to the graduating class there that her husband refused to sign permits for the Keystone Pipeline that would have created 40 thousand jobs, a secure source of energy, a cheap source of fuel, and the solidification of relations with our neighbor, Canada? No, probably not. Of course, it would be much easier to blame society, Caucasians, and racism for making the future of Black people look very bleak indeed so that she could prepare them for that inevitable downward spiral according to her that they are destined for because they, like her, are all victims!

History as it happened

Let’s get back to reality as well that applies to history. I wonder if Michelle Obama would like to admit to the graduates at Tuskegee Institute that for decades the very Democratic Party that she is a proud member of, since there is little else she is proud of in America other than Barack’s inauguration, refused to pass laws that gave Black Americans their civil rights! Michelle might also be reticent to mention that since 1964 and President Johnson’s war on poverty 22 trillion dollars has been spent as redistributed wealth from those who work to those that do not, that the situation has actually gotten worse. Of course Michelle would not want to admit to the graduating class that under her husband, black unemployment is in the double digit zone as opposed to the sunny proclamations of the president who says that unemployment is now just over 5% even though food stamps are at a record high. Just doesn’t add up does it, Michelle, but you don’t want to call your husband a liar do you, not in front of a graduating class looking for encouragement for their very future!

Irony over transparency

Truth is, that our First Lady would indeed not want to admit that the very plantation that she would be the first to tell you was created by a hateful white supremacist society was in actuality created by the very Democratic Party that spawned a presidency allowing her to stand on her soap box of division, class warfare, and Marxism so that she can keep the flames of racial tension alive! How would the kids at Tuskegee feel if she explained to them in an uncharacteristically candid moment that the social engineering of welfare, food stamps, and HUD rental assistance programs actually created generations of dependency, and lack of self sufficiency so that Democrats not only got the votes they paid for with taxpayer dollars, but saw to it that the plantation they created perpetuated itself on lies and rhetoric smoothly served up to their constituents by the charismatic, teleprompter fed, speeches given by her husband, Barack Hussein Obama.

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