Is Hattiesburg Only the Beginning?

Thanks to the inflammatory remarks being made by such supposed black leaders as Al Sharpton, Eric Holder, and Barack Obama, in the last 2 years murders of the police across the country have doubled. In that time officers in the process of enforcing the law have been faced with thousands of assaults. Could this rise in resistance to police presence be attributable to a White House and its pundits who would rather turn the clock back 40 years by race baiting rather than fix the problems that exist in the black community?

More lives lost

With the deaths of 2 police officers in Hattiesburg, Mississippi where a routine traffic stop ended in the shooting deaths of a decorated K-9 specialist and a rookie at the hands of 4 blacks now implicated and charged by authorities, are we seeing an unprecedented movement of lawlessness? It would seem that the same lawlessness we are seeing in the White House itself is also metastasizing onto the streets of New York, Ferguson, Baltimore, and now Hattiesburg. The prodding of blacks by such despicable opportunists as Al Sharpton and a president who would rather remain silent as police officers are gunned down, to play the role of victims at the hands of racist lawmen is their message.

Lies supersede truth

For Democrats the false narratives that lead to political advantage are much more important than solving the social problems within a black community that boasts the greatest majority of violent crimes, abortions, unwed mothers, and single parent children who lack the guidance of a two parent family. Despite heavy federal government funding into school districts in poor black communities, the facilities remain unacceptable, grades remain poor, drop out ratios remain high, and the same message of blaming the police and the white population remain the preferred narrative. Could it be that if the Democratic Party insisted upon cleaning up corruption within the welfare system, job programs that worked, and teaching people how to make a living instead of encouraging dependency on the crumbs of federal subsidy that liberal politics would become obsolete?

Perpetuating the problem

There is as much resistance to policy that actually helps the black community as there is to there police who risk their lives everyday in high crime communities where black on black murders occur with impressive frequency. Yet, with statistics that tell a terrible truth, there seems little room for accountability or personal responsibility among the residents of the inner cities. It seems the convenience of blaming the authorities far outweighs self improvement or reform. As it is the authorities themselves who are sending a far different message when it comes to Democrat mayors and governors who have allowed looting, rioting, and burning of storefronts and vehicles.

Inciting violence

This persistence of the prevailing government to allow social unrest to continue, while sending a clear message to the lawbreakers that the police are bigots, that the rioters are the victims, that Cop killers are only reacting to decades of harassment, is the consistent message handed down from the top. The top begins at the oval office and trickles down to the mayors who have ordered their police forces to stand down and have delayed the entry of the National Guard into incendiary communities where the truth and justice are negotiable, but not acknowledged.

Been done before

We have a history rich in the bloody results of socialist sanctioned chaos used to bring down an ordinarily peaceful society in order to transform that culture into insurrection that allows tyranny to raise its ugly head. The Obama White House has clearly stoked the fires of racial hatred from Michelle Obama’s recent speech given to the graduation class at Tuskegee to the President’s invitation to the White House to mob leaders from Ferguson, a federal government authorized movement of violence against the police and the implied evil of supposed “White Privilege” has been thrust like a burning effigy onto the streets of the nation’s cities.

The elements of social decay

The leftist voice in America amplified by the sold out news media, urged by Hollywood, and approved by the offices of government seek to use chaos in transforming America into their vision of a socially engineered nation. From sexualizing public school education despite the outrage of parents, to the hate mongering of race baiting, America is not under assault due to the will of the people. America is collapsing under the weight of government sanctioned manipulation creating unrest where there is none, eroding the family, and convincing people there are victims and there are villains even if that means vilifying Churches, and allowing rioters to get away with the destruction of public and private property.

Dedicated to destruction

Despite the best efforts of President Obama to undermine America at every turn, to sabotage the economy, to disrupt national security by allowing our borders to be breached while encouraging illegal immigration to further stifle our nation, this nation prevails in defiance of a bungling White House. Despite the influx of foreign criminals within our midst with the orders given by our president, America still stands though weakened. Despite the corruption within the four branches of government on Capitol Hill, our nation teeters, but still refuses to crumble thanks to the hard working and honest efforts of the people that made this nation great, a tradition that our president has tried hard to stomp out like a cigarette butt underfoot.

What history will say

Perhaps someday if the history books reflect the actual truth over the events that brought this great nation to the point of collapse are allowed to be revealed, future generations will know who the real criminals were. Those criminals sat at the highest seats of public office and allowed Americans to be killed. They passed laws that kept the US economy intentionally hampered. These men in the fine suits and practiced smiles led the American people to believe that their safety and well being were being looked after while these charlatans sold out the greatest nation of the face of the earth as terrorism and illegal immigration were allowed to breach our soil. Criminals like Barack Obama, Eric Holder, Charles Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, Barbara Boxer, Harry Reid, and John Boehner among others who lied to the public as they dismantled this great land of ours to accommodate those who hate the American way of life.

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A Conservative adult, musician, small businessman, former single parent of 4 children who never asked for government assistance even during the recession of the 80's, I love my country, but do not trust the government. I worry for my country everyday and hope my fellow Americans will wake up.

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