Garland, Texas; Is The FBI Really Combating Terrorism?

Is The FBI Really Combating Terrorism?

Recently Garland, Texas was the scene of an attempted act of terrorism perpetrated by Islamists. Despite best efforts of 2 well equipped men with AK-47 assault rifles, their plan was thwarted. One Garland Police officer with a handgun took down both would be assassins who had planned to kill as many of the 200 people attending Pamela Geller’s cartoon contest. A private gathering that challenged contestants to draw a picture of the god of Islam (Allah) was to be met with deadly force by two young men who had been on an FBI terrorist watch list!

Inherently flawed?

Yet, as many efforts by the FBI when it comes to the surveillance of the enemy, one suspect who had left the country to meet known terrorist elements in the Middle East was supposedly lost by surveillance teams. One man drove all the way from Arizona to be present at Pamela Geller’s event as an uninvited murderer! Once again the premeditated ruthlessness of Islam shined through in their typically fanatical and intolerant observance of their religion. One might recall that just days after the deaths of American Ambassador Stevens and 3 other Americans at Benghazi, the FBI proclaimed that they were unable to get to the site and perform a forensics examination though it was flocked by foreign journalists who managed to get there.

A cursed revelation

What has become most disconcerting about this entire display of deadly intolerance for any portrayal of Allah besides that specifically allowed by Sharia Law is not just the capitulation of the US media blaming Pamela Geller acting within her 1st Amendment rights guaranteed by our US Constitution as being a provocateur, but something even more perplexing than this. A fact that not only boggles the mind, but only serves to further impress upon a US citizen just to what degree that we can no longer trust our federal government under the Obama presidency.

Insanity of a US agency

Sources have now revealed that the FBI knew hours before the planned attack by the two terrorist young men, who would have ravaged the scene of Pamela Geller’s cartoon contest with bullets and death. Our supposed agency, a branch of the Department of Justice, supposedly dedicated to the protection of US citizens and the enforcement of federal law across all state borders was going to allow a murderous act of terrorism to succeed! They were going to allow innocent Americans to be gunned down in cold blood at the hands of Islamic terrorists when, not only did they know it would happen, but could have intervened!

Proof our government is infiltrated

Now I ask you. Who is in control of our White House? Who is really calling the shots when it comes to national security? Where does the safety of US citizens figure in all this? Why would one of the most famous agencies in modern law enforcement history allow it’s own members of American society to be gunned down by terrorist elements they had monitored, tracked, established what ties they had with organized foreign threats, and would still knowingly allow the public to suffer a horrendous fate at the hands of such subhuman, evil, perpetrators?


One conclusion can only be gleaned from such disturbing revelations about the treasonous acts of those who knew of an impending attack and did nothing. That this was a sanctioned act intended to allow an enemy dedicated to the death of all Americans and Christians who do not support the Sharia fascism of a religion that cannot co-exist with anyone unless they submit or are murdered seems obvious. Why? Was Pamela Geller to be made an example of? We already know that our President Obama has admitted not only in books he supposedly authored but in his public addresses that he does indeed side with Islam and is a Muslim.

Chain of command

Knowing this, knowing that the DOJ takes its marching orders from the US Attorney General who in turn takes his directives from the president, can there be any doubt as to who is ultimately responsible. Is the criminal negligence of the FBI to be looked upon as simply an act limited to the responsibility of whoever was immediately in charge when the announced event had been planned for some time? This was not just a spontaneous affair. It was easily a premeditated act that would have taken top down authorization! Authorization from someone who detests any perceived affront to Allah, someone who cannot tolerate comedy, sarcasm, or even a cartoon directed at their god. Where does the FBI get its authorization from? The White House? You guessed it!

The perverted spin

Almost as abhorrent as an act of death leveled at innocent participants in a cartoon contest is the rationalization of a bought off US media that would blame the potential victims of a heinous act instead of the assailants who are not only fanatically driven, but criminally motivated to commit a public execution due to their tunnel vision mindset steeped in the insanity of Sharia Law. That American journalism has stooped so low as to condemn those who were perfectly within their rights and causing harm to no one demonstrates the evil that now pervades America under aegis of social justice while aiding and abetting the enemy!

Stand in her shoes boys!

I wonder just how many of the so called journalists who faulted Pamela Geller as being a provocateur would like to be on the receiving end of an ISIS hit list with a reward on their heads? The question Americans better start asking themselves as the lives of our veterans are threatened in their own homeland by terrorists, as the lives of our policemen are ruined even after being exonerated by juries, and civilians attending cartoon contests are targeted for execution, when are you going to stand up for your rights?

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