American Cities Under Mob Rule

In Baltimore, in anticipation of rioting, the police prepared for the inevitable. They were ready for violence, they were ready for mob control, and they were well aware of the elements of radicalism that would attempt to fan the flames of hate. What the Baltimore PD was not ready for was the instructions by the mayor that they would not suit up in riot gear, that they would not use non-lethal measures to defend themselves, and that they were to allow looting and burning without intervening! As a result millions of dollars of property damage resulted, several officers were injured after being pelted with bottles and bricks from high school youths, and the rhetoric of racial conflict was once again alive on the streets.

The unmentionables

A week previously, a 61 year old white male was beaten by a gang of black youths horrifically, but the US news media had no interest in this story. The fact that a white man was brutalized unmercifully by a gang of black youths in a Baltimore suburb was simply not consistent with the leftist narrative. There are a number of facts that seem inconvenient to the Baltimore allegations of racial discrimination within the police department in the death supposedly at the hands of the police of one Freddie Gray.

Facts that do not fit the convenient leftist narrative of racial inequality within the Baltimore PD are that 3 of the hastily charged officers in the incident are black. Yet, facts never do seem to fit into protests or the violent reactions that are provoked by them either. The fact that Gray had a self fashioned knife designed to work like a switch blade has not been mentioned by the mainstream media either. The fact that Freddie Gray had a rap sheet that would choke an attack dog was conveniently passed over as well.

Gray, a repeat offender and known drug dealer reported to have suffered a severed spine had just had a cervical procedure done in days prior to his arrest. The fact that a prisoner in the van at the time Freddie was picked up said that he heard Gray banging his head against the inside of the van as he was being driven was amazingly mentioned offhandedly by some media sources.

It’s not for lack of money

The fact that Baltimore public schools have a large proportional influx of federal money per capita when it comes to the resources available to the children does not fit the leftist narrative of lack of opportunity for the students.. One must ask why is attendance and grade average among the worst in the nation with funding being the highest? Could it be that Baltimore is emblematic of many Democratic Party governed cities such as Detroit that have practically self destructed under liberal policy and overspending? Could it be that there is something inherently wrong in American cities where the liberal narrative prevails? It seems the useful idiots end up being the very under privileged entitlement mentality victims that the system supposedly represents.

Madness defined

It was former Soviet KGB officer, Yuri Bezmenov, who warned that in the process of undermining a political system targeted for overthrow by the Communist propaganda machine, the police must be transformed into the criminals. Destroying the credibility of authority within a society is tantamount to the Communist strategy of demoralization. Are we not seeing this methodology implemented under the Obama administration as the president refuses to support the police or repudiate looters and protestors for destroying communities as they “react” to the ramifications of their own misconduct. It proves to be much more convenient to blame the police for enforcing the law.

Where does the buck stop?

If high crime rates exist in these low income neighborhoods requiring police patrols due to the frightening ratio of black on black murders and thefts, why do members of these communities not take responsibility for their own actions? Answer. The way to play the system is to play the part of the victim because the victim is promoted by Democratic Party policy. Creating a victim and creating a villain (police) buys votes. Especially when the DOJ refuses to prosecute voter fraud and has labeled voter motor laws as discriminatory so that there can be no reasonable way to verify a valid voter’s registration.

The ultimate motive

Remaining in power seems to take precedent over the Democrats actually solving any social problems as cities crumble under decades of liberal rule, massive welfare programs, and failed attempts marked by wasting taxpayer’s dollars as a panacea for accountability and personal responsibility prevails. These two principals of personal responsibility and accountability have no place in the leftist narrative or it could not survive. Demonizing the church, vilifying the police, epitomizing the GOP as a political party of oppression are the narratives that are conveniently substituted for the truth. The truth is that the creation of a big government sanctioned welfare state with no accountability is destroying the American inner cities.

A looming future

The Fergusons, the Baltimores, the Detroits, are the future of a long list of American cities who all have one thing in common as more police are shot and killed in New York City, and that is the failure of liberal big government policy. What’s even worse is the sanction of unrest, violence, permitted looting, and destruction of property by Democratic Mayor’s offices and governors who want to use this facade as a political tool to create more villains for the leftist machinery to justify the unacceptable under a lawless White House!

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