Taking Down A Nation: Lessons from Yuri Bezmenov Part III

In the early eighties a most unlikely figure entered the public arena in the midst of the Reagan presidency as America fought to reclaim its lost prestige at home and in the world. Yuri Bezmenov, a former KGB agent, just defected from Russia, was making his rounds in America on a lecture tour. As the Reagan administration reconstructed an American economy smitten by the blunders of a Jimmy Carter administration and the idiotic Keynesian economics of the 70’s, an experienced observer from a hostile super power made the lecture circuit and attempted to enlighten the American public.

Unlikely cohorts

Amazingly the unlikely forces of conservative Ronald Reagan and a seeming former enemy Yuri Bezmenov came together to aid America in returning to its former Constitutional roots and becoming, once again, a major force in the world ending the cold war and helping the US rise to a new level of prosperity. The irony of a patriot like Ronald Reagan, who championed the US Constitution and held a liberal Democratic Congress in check from spending sprees and imposing more regulatory interference with the US economy had an unwitting allie in Bezmenov. Yuri’s lectures made it clear that not only was a malignancy emerging in American society, but that it needed to be extricated as soon as possible.


it is interesting to note that as the Soviet Union collapsed under its own weight of oppression of its masses, a GDP that was primarily measured in government expenditures for the military, and an arms race with the capitalistic might of its main nemesis, the United States, that it could not win. Yuri Bezmenov, once a tool of the very iron fist that had driven the cold war, now fought to keep America from being consumed by the same pitfall that had caused the collapse of his own nation. The naivety of US society being reduced by the entitlement mentality of overbearing big government using socialism to enlist the masses plagued the US then as it does now under the Obama administration, only President Reagan succeeded in turning the nation around at that time. The present future of this nation now seems in grave doubt.

Classic pattern of repeat

The lessons of Yuri Bezmenov resonate now even more perhaps than they did then, yet America is a different country today with as many as 51 million illegal aliens who have not assimilated effectively enough to distinguish between the leftist ideology destroying the very society they have come to for opportunity, and the conservative heritage that brought America to greatness. The lawlessness Bezmenov warned about within our system under the Obama administration has doomed our government with a Department of Justice that refuses to enforce the law, radical justices legislating form the bench, and a Congress that will not stand in the way of an out of control Executive Branch that has by passed lawmakers in favor of dictatorial executive orders.

Warnings unheeded

Yuri warned of this kind of corruption being installed within the highest branches of the federal government disinterested in complying with the US Constitution while imposing the agenda of creating an all consuming welfare state that overpowers the nation’s policy. The unappointed public officials creating political obstacles, activist judges opposing the Constitution, and government investigations that go no where because subpoenas are stonewalled. These are just some of the symptoms of an infiltrated political system that Yuri warned America about. Yet, under the Obama administration all elements of this insanity have come true.

White House sanctioned unrest

When a former KGB expert on disinformation can see all the signs within America with even more promising results than he could have imagined, the public should have taken notice. With Eric Holder’s and President Obama’s insistence on racializing immigration policy and blaming US law enforcement for discrimination, one again Yuri demonstrated that these tactics were utilized as one of many principles of Soviet incited subversion designed to disrupt a peaceful society in order to create tension and strife. Chaos is what disinformation is designed to achieve in a culture targeted by the KGB. Bezmenov utilized it through printed propaganda, media, and though social conflict. Violence, agitation, social unrest, all ingredients used by the KGB as well as the Obama administration to impose more government control parallel the precepts Yuri was taught as a KGB agent to inject into a society chosen for an overthrow!

Persecuting intellectuals

Mercilessly employing these aspects of collectivist tactics was the job of a disinformation agent deployed by the Russian government to foreign lands that they had set their sights on. Bezmenov had seen the aftermath of KGB tactics and despised the great lie of the Communist Manifesto authored by Karl Marx, yet it was continually reconstituted by the hardliners again and again in answer to the capitalistic ideology of America and the West. Yuri Bezmenov would become the target of his former bosses after more than a decade of his instructional efforts.

A demise greatly exaggerated?

A vague and suspect certificate of death appeared to be that of one Yuri Bezmenov in 1993. Many felt that Yuri, aware that he could be a target of opportunity and assassinated, could have engineered his own departure from authority with an engineered death since details of his supposed demise were unclear. His efforts will be remembered even if his lessons did little to curtail the efforts of the Obama White House today. Yuri Bezmenov might be considered an unsung hero to some, but he was indeed a patriot from a dubious source for the cause of America.

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