Taking Down A Nation: Lessons from Yuri Bezmenov Part II

Former KGB disinformation specialist, Yuri Bezmenov, after defecting to Canada, had been happy just to establish a normal life with his spouse. Enjoying the fruits of living in a free society that practiced the evils of capitalism according to the false narratives of his former bosses quickly illuminated for him further the great disparities between societies in the West and the Soviet Union. Yuri quickly recognized that opportunity, ambition, and the will to better one’s own condition were squandered by the intervention of a brutal socialist government that did not tolerate individual freedom or a variety of ideology.

The ultimate hypocrisy

With productivity stifled by an overbearing government whose policies were aimed at supposedly keeping a level playing field no matter what the cost to individual ambition or innovation within a dying society, Yuri realized that the hardliners of the Politburo failed to recognize the stagnation of their own society as they continued their ongoing campaign of installing revolt within other countries. Bezmenov began to see the hypocrisy once he had recovered from the tunnel vision that the system had programmed him with.


Once entering other cultures and observing societies where the individual was free to act, free to choose his own destiny, then seeing the deteriorating effects of what his disinformation program did to the innocent and unsuspecting public of another nation, Bezmenov as others within his regime began having doubts. In his lectures Yuri admitted that he was beginning to tire of the institutionalized rhetoric of his government. As his program began infecting the minds of followers who became ardent if not obsessive useful idiots, Bezmenov also saw the end results of what happened to the most committed radicals they had spawned as these would be the first to be liquidated under the brutal ramifications of a revolution.

Killing off your advocates

His own Politburo sanctioned the extermination of the useful idiots first and foremost as they would be the first to recognize the faults and shortcomings of the very ideology they had been indoctrinated with, and as the flaws and lies of the system became apparent, would become the most dangerous of its enemies. The cynicism they acquired in watching the laws unfold under the Soviet occupation created its own worst enemies, and these former allies to the very cause that they had aided would have to be assassinated! Yuri learned the bitter lessons of revulsion to this outcome.

The end result a joke

Bezmenov illustrated the fundamental contradictions to Soviet inspired revolution after a multiphase campaign had come to fruition, Indoctrination leading to demoralization, then to destabilization leading to normalization. These long range goals tended to take 2 generations or more. The final stage (normalization) Yuri sarcastically pointed out, was when Soviet tanks and troop trucks were present on the streets of that targeted country. This he found to be tragically laughable. As a result Bezmenov’s disenchantment with Marxism and its doctrine grew so did his desire to break away.

Truth stranger than fiction

Quite ironically, Yuri Bezmenov, a former KBG agent for Soviet Russia, became one of America’s most ardent patriots as he tried to inform and illuminate the American public to the dangers of taking their freedoms for granted and blindly trusting their government as we now see the case within a troubled US society that is at odds over its very own heritage of personal freedom and protection from the heavy handed tyranny of its political leadership. Under the transformation promised by President Barack Obama, this nation has suffered under every conceivable category from economics to national security, all because the people have become too apathetic and complacent to react.

More on the teachings of Yuri Bezmenov in Part III

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