ISIS Operates Close To Texas Border What’s The White House Response?

Recently sources had revealed that ISIS is currently maintaining 2 terrorist training camps close to the US border with Mexico. One camp is located 7 miles south of the Texas border near El Paso. Another camp is located opposite the New Mexico border across from the small town of Deming, New Mexico. A watch dog news agency (Judicial Watch) that keeps an eye on government corruption and fiscal accountability uncovered this horrendous discovery and released the story. What was the White House response to such a threat so close to home? it was also disclosed that the ISIS facility near Deming, NM. would seek to disrupt Ft. Bliss operations within their gigantic military reserve.

The grim facts

The sad revelation that the Mexican drug cartels are now guarding these ISIS camps is disturbing. Yet, should we be surprised when a top army general in the Mexican military can be assassinated by the drug cartel? Can we be surprised when the drug cartel is openly facing off with Mexican law enforcement in gun battles? Can we be caught off guard by the fact that even the Mexican military has used its helicopter crews to strafe US border agents without so much as an apology offered the White House nor an apology being demanded by our Commander in Chief?

Occupation by foreign forces?

One might recall that huge tracts of land along the southern borders of Arizona and New Mexico have been basically ceded to the Mexican drug cartels and US tourists are warned within the very territory of their own United States to be wary of hostile gang activities! Where is the law enforcement? Where is the guarantee of border security supposedly provided according to the US Constitution forprotecting our lands from foreign invaders? Under the insanity of the Obama administration such duty has been abandoned just as Bowe Bergdahl abandoned his post seeking the enemy when he deserted resulting in the deaths of several of his fallen comrades who were ordered to search for him after his desertion!

White House response

The FBI immediately issued an emergency conference with Mexican officials in Juarez, Mexico. What was the topic? The US federal government wanted to make sure that a consensus that no ISIS or terrorist factions were operating in Mexico. This they sought to convey to the Mexican Army and law enforcement agencies in agreement with the White House. They also vowed to find where the leak was that had released this inconvenient truth to the public and stop them! With the news of obvious threat to the American public from across borders that the US government is allowing to go unguarded, the response was to suppress the truth!

Former agents speak out

There has been a history of former FBI special agents who have authored books telling of their disturbing orders by either their superiors or the CIA to stand down when it comes to submitting their evidence to government panels or Congressional committees. Mark Rossini is one particular former FBI agent who was not only ordered to stand down when it came to submitting his evidence, but monitored by a CIA agent to keep abreast of his activities. Rossini says that he later lamented after the 9-11 tragedy that took the lives of 3,000 Americans that he had allowed himself to basically be censored by the CIA. Mark Rossini had been keeping tabs on 2 of the terrorists who had flown their passenger jet aircraft into the Twin Towers! How could a US intelligence agency allow the crucial evidence to be withheld from the public that could have saved lives and averted the most costly act of terrorism ever to happen on American soil?

The eventuality

It appears that such horrible compromises within our government are now being sanctioned again are now on the way to becoming a reality! One must ask how any official holding public office could rationalize or condone such treasonous action within the government? How could any American knowingly refuse to take the appropriate action when confronted with the forbidden knowledge? Are the kick backs really that good? Will the fringe benefits really quell the spasms of guilt that effectively?

A reply

My answer to all this incredible lunacy, this evil that is unspeakable, is this. When a nation that was blessed with God’s divine gift of freedom and righteousness has turned its back on the very moral principals that guided us, then we have become no better than our enemies and, as a result, we await our bitter judgment. When President Barack Obama was re-elected for two consecutive terms the will of the people spoke. Those who vote preferred, either through their ignorance, entitlement mentality, or their radical mindset, to elect a president who has time and again chosen our enemies over the best interests of American citizens! A ruler, who has taken the side of those he thinks are oppressed and victimized by American imperialism. A man, who in his delusional state, feels that the decent, hard working middle class, must be punished and our nation reduced in its influence around the world.


I must reply to those who have adopted this misguided mindset of American self hatred. You got exactly what you voted for, and when you see the violence and bloodshed in our streets, you will be deserving of exactly what you get!

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A Conservative adult, musician, small businessman, former single parent of 4 children who never asked for government assistance even during the recession of the 80's, I love my country, but do not trust the government. I worry for my country everyday and hope my fellow Americans will wake up.

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