They Are Targeting America Count On It!

If it weren’t bad enough that we have Islamist groups actively visiting the oval office and an unindicted co-conspirator (CAIR) named in one of the largest terrorist money laundering trials in history officing across the street from the White House, there is another ominous element going on. First you get the Trojan Horse within the gates, than you test the defensive perimeter for an assault. Is this not already underway? Recently a man in a go-cart gyro flew over the White House fences and landed on the lawn, unfettered by Secret Service defenses. This unknown person claimed to have been protesting federal policy on corporate finance, but there’s something wrong with this picture!

A narrative of denial

Over the last few months a number of security breaches have occurred always by allegedly troubled individuals acting alone with a perverse sense of adrenal rush climbing the gates, rushing across the White House lawn, and even getting as far as inside the nation’s Capital armed with a knife! These incidents, I am afraid, are not the actions of disturbed individuals acting on their own nor are they the work of lone wolves acting upon the call of Jihad, but rather, these are planned probes of White House defenses.


If you want to test your enemy’s capabilities, threat response, and reactions, what better way than under a covert modus operandi that does not reveal the coordinated effort of a much larger organization that is evaluating the responses to its probes? In all likelihood, the US is in the process of being set up for a wave of coordinated terrorist hits that will make the 9-11 tragedy look like a cake walk! The assault plan is coming from the top down.

Enemy already within

With the infiltration of the White House complete and a number of different Muslim advocacy groups already frequenting Capitol Hill as members of the Muslim Brotherhood make numerous unmolested visits to the oval office, with Valerie Jarret acting as the equivalent of Rasputin among the Czar’s family constantly whispering in Obama’s ear, the stage is set. A calculated effort is underway and all conspirators are in Caesar’s court!

Softening up our defenses

One more ingredient in the recipe has already been set in motion. That is the Obama White House’s intentional interference with the nation’s border defenses. The president has forced ICE to turn over thousands of criminals convicted of repeat offenses and felonies from detainment to release back into the general population. Attorney General, Eric Holder has continued his battle against the border states alleging that US enforcement personnel are unfairly profiling illegal aliens, border patrol agents are being discouraged from issuing court citations and apprehending trespassers, and US citizens even sheriffs deputies are being killed by repeat offenders from California to Texas!

The build up

With a known ISIS camp just 7 miles south of the Texas border heavily guarded by the Mexican drug cartel and unidentified infiltrators crossing the US unprotected borders on a daily basis an inevitable course has been set! A planned disaster is in the making. The evil perpetrators who have spread hatred and atrocities through out the Middle East and North Africa are quietly placing their operatives within the US as President Obama and AG Eric Holder soften up our defenses!

White House targeted

The sloppy and frequently disciplined Secret Service is being tested more often now and the flaws in their weak White House ground security are being exposed! One ISIS operative captured by law enforcement here in America’s heartland under questioning by agents acknowledged that a well staged operation is in the making. A disruptive and bloody series of terrorist attacks are in store for the US according to this ISIS terrorist who claims to know of a massive scale operation against the United States to be unleashed from within the zone interior, and to be as brutal as anything we have seen overseas from bombings to mass shootings. The most disturbing aspect in all this is that all of this is not unknown to the White House and this attack will be coordinated with the administration’s support! The FBI, those who know, and intelligence sources are being suppressed.

What is to come

President Obama has even placed those connected to HAMAS and the Muslim Brotherhood in key positions within US intelligence services in the White House. One Mohammed Elibiary named as an adviser to Homeland Security has been orchestrating terrorist policy with such agencies as the FBI, DHS, NCTC, and ODNI under the aegis of counter terrorism. It seems not only is our government thoroughly compromised from within, but America is passively awaiting it’s darkest hour.

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A Conservative adult, musician, small businessman, former single parent of 4 children who never asked for government assistance even during the recession of the 80's, I love my country, but do not trust the government. I worry for my country everyday and hope my fellow Americans will wake up.

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  1. doc, I think we could possibly stirring a tempest in a teacup..???…they [ the enemie within] is not really going to all the lengths to bring the US down with a coordinated attack??? naaagh…..wait a minute ….I forgot about 9/11….sorry ..serious brain fart…DOC, it’s possibly worse than that ….here’s a scenario…how do you change policy…infiltrate the policy makers . How do you change the policy makers …donate money to their campaign [ get access ] …and then…threaten them ….IF THEY DONT SUBMIT.

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