Income Tax The Law That Never Was

In 1913 during a recess appointment on Christmas eve, Americans were unknowingly enslaved by a privately owned cartel of families who now control United States monetary supply, minting of US currency, and national lending institution capacity. Then US Attorney General Philander Knox, an attorney for several of the wealthiest and most influential families in America took a vote and illegally ratified a law that will have forever changed the course of America as we know it. In violation of the first 150 years that the nation had existed there had been no need for income tax.

Casting a vote

Yet, taking a vote for the measure on Christmas eve 1913 as most Senators and Congressman were home with their families or on vacation, Philander knox tallied for a consensus. Many states voted “Pass” which did not mean to allow the measure, but that they would not vote on it at this time. Still Philander Knox saw fit to count them as voting for the measure. Under the noses of the American public and thanks to the progressive administration of President Woodrow Wilson, the control of the US backing industry was handed over to a cabal of rich families who wanted power, profit, and control over the finances of American industry, our pocket books, and ultimately the fate of a nation.

Breathing life back into a vampire

The Revenue Act of 1913 resurrected only the Central Bank that President Andrew Jackson had abolished 75 years before, but also brought into being the terrorist arm of the Federal Reserve and that was the Internal Revenue Service. Although our founding fathers never intended for a direct tax to be levied against wages, fees, or labor in complete violation of that aspect of our society, an abomination was unearthed today that has turned into a political goon squad for the big intrusive government of the left that has been sanctioned by President Obama to persecute conservative political chapters and punish anyone who dares raise their voice against this scourge that causes US citizens undue fear and intimidation.

Rewriting history

The politically correct history books will claim that the amendment that introduced income tax was legally ratified, but it was not. Former veteran Revenue Officer, Bill Benson, testified in front of a national audience on C-Span in 1999 that he had thousands of sealed documents proving that the income tax amendment was never legally ratified. Other Former IRS agents such as Joe Bannister, John Turner, and Sherry Peel Jackson were all outstanding investigators with sterling careers who, after going to their bosses and after due diligence not being able to find legal authorization for IRS collections within the tax code were forced to resign.

IRS agents go over the wall

To date, Sherry Peel Jackson was jailed for assisting clients in tax free business advisement and died while imprisoned from the improper administration of diabetes medication there. Was that an accident? Joe Bannister, a decorated crime investigator forced to resign found that the IRS went after him legally, attempt to have him jailed as well. Bannister successfully found legal representation that exonerated him, but the harassment and cover up goes on! A law that never should have been continues to confiscate from the private sector creating a financial burden upon the American family that has actually transformed society not in a good way either.

Real conspiracy

Aaron Russo, a famous spokesman and former promoter received an invitation from David Rockefeller, a wealthy family insider, to join the elitists and become part of the new world order who are gradually forming a one world government and forcing America to submit. Rockefeller informed Russo of all the false narratives used to manipulate society into going along with adverse changes they never would have knowingly admitted to. One ploy was “Women’s liberation” this was the label but behind it was the motive that had nothing to do with liberating women. It had to do with extracting taxes from the other half of the American household. The elite, according to Aaron Russo knew that taxation was only confiscating revenue from only 50% of all US households, but if they could convince women to go to work even leaving their children to do it, the Federal Reserve would double their ill gotten gains!

Using propaganda

By using the leftist propaganda narrative of convincing women it was their right to go out in the work place and achieve the same power and money as men, they succeeded in deceiving women into becoming breadwinners who would willingly leave their role as mothers to enter the workforce convinced it was their right. The rest is history. The sad statistics of crime statistics, the loneliness of latch key children, the vacuum left if the home by the absence of motherly care in their children’s lives, these are testaments to the negative implications of income tax upon American society that reach beyond the financial pressure brought to bear.

The real enemy

As opposed the lies of the Obama administration as the IRS is now used as a political instrument to attack its ideopogical enemies, a leviathan agency that straddles tax payers with billions upon billions in deficit spending while propping up its own agents and employees with expensive benefits and bonuses, continues unimpeded. There are those such as Ted Cruz calling for the end of a Washington establishment bureau that has long outlived its usefulness when a serious revision to taxes can easily be implemented as an age old tool of terrorism is dismantled for the good of all citizens involved.

The growing crisis

The huge fraternity of federal employees whose benefits, entitlements, and salaries far outweigh the similar compensations and pay for private sector held jobs in the competitive environment of a supply and demand economy where costs must be held in check and accountability must govern sound business practices. Instead, tax payers must endure out of control government spending that refuses to utilize efficiency, cost savings, or competitive practices that any fiscally responsible public business or corporation would adopt in order to survive in the real market place. As a result, debt ceilings are continually broken, deficits continue to rise, and government shows no signs of rectifying the deepening fiscal crisis with accountable cost controls or logical reductions in spending.

No sign of slowing down

America faces a monetary collapse at the hands of a federal government that refuses to curb its spending and simply looks to increase taxes, increase regulations, punish American business while killing jobs in the process, and further intimidate tax payers so that it can perpetuate itself while sucking the life blood out of the private sector economic engine. it does this using the IRS to violate the Constitutional rights of its citizens under the color of a law that was never ratified.

End Result

In the aftermath of the Revenue Act of 1913 and Woodrow Wilson’s obsessive commitment to forming the famously ineffective League of Nations he later suffered a stroke and lamented that he had driven the United States into the clutches of tyranny. President Wilson indeed did just that and in doing so doomed our modern day society into the trappings of a police state that our founding fathers would have found abhorrent to the ideals of a US Constitution that they had sacrificed their lives in order to guarantee future generations of Americans freedom from the oppression they had known under the imperialism of the King George Government.

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