Obama’s Stacked Deck Over Iran Nuclear Deal

The Obama White House nuclear deal with Iran is becoming more and more clear everyday even with the reluctance of the administration to divulge any details to the public. It was revealed just recently that as Secretary of State, John Kerry, announced that the frame work for the deal was in place, Iranian officials vehemently denied that any deal had been struck at all. Republicans as well has warned that any deal made by the President would be contingent upon Congressional approval, yet the supposed deadline on march 31st has already passed.

The grand illusion

Has any true deal actually been agreed upon by Obama’s negotiators and the Iranian panel? No. Is there any chance of this deal being approved while Iran argues against allowing foreign or NATO inspectors into its borders and nuclear facilities to verify that the treaty can still be honored?No. Iran balked as soon as the stipulation for unscheduled or surprise inspections was introduced as part of the deal. In essence as opposed to the spin of the White House, no deal with Iran exists.

The true prospect

With a history of not cooperating in previous such negotiated terms for inspection Iran has not shown cooperation or good faith. Let us also remember that the Ayatollah said two days ago that there was no deal and that he did not care one way or the other whether a deal would be arrived at. Does this tell you something? Does this tell you that whatever happens despite the success or failure of the deal that Iran will continue on anyway? Yes. Remember, this is the man who yells “Death to America!” But, I guess that makes no difference to our president, does it?

Traitors in our midst

More worrisome perhaps than these aspects to a bad deal being obviously rushed forward is the head negotiator on the Obama diplomatic team. Robert Malley, the go to man, that has headed such negotiations since 2008. A disturbingly radical pundit who is anti-Israel, connected to the terrorist organization HAMAS, and a pro-Palestinian advocate will be pushing along the Obama legacy agenda with all pistons firing. Malley believes that the Palestinians have a right to annex Israeli lands, he sympathizes with the role in savage terrorism that they have played in the past, and if he had his way there would be massive immigration of Palestinians into the Jewish State. This, of course, would lead to a radical change in government policy, and would lead to Israelis themselves being ejected or displaced from their won nation as the Palestinians pursue their refusal to recognize Israel as a state.

Obama’s vendetta

President Obama has openly opposed the interests of Israel, has urged them to give back land they occupied after the 1967 war when they were attacked by their neighboring Arab enemies, and even refused Prime Minister Netanyahu the courtesy of a meeting when he spoke in front of Congress at the White House recently. All in all it is clear that President Obama’s administration has done everything in its power to erode US and Israeli foreign relations while encouraging its enemies. This Obama does with the usual veil of lies and misdirection that mask his true agenda. That agenda by his actions alone seems to be to hand over Israel to its enemies no matter what the cost even if it takes a bad nuclear deal with Iran that could destabilize the entire Middle East and lead to World War III.

Sympathesizing with the enemy

As for lead negotiator, Robert Malley, who sees reason behind the decades long terrorist campaign conducted against Israel by the Palestinians to be justified. Bloody unprovoked bombings that have dismembered women and children alike in the Jewish State under former PLO leader Yassar Arafat have not been reviled enough by the people of the world, yet Malley would consider this conduct to be understandable. It would seem to me that with elements such as Malley working with Iran on a crucial nuclear deal that we do not need anymore enemies, yet here are our enemies operating from within the White House!

Killing 2 birds with one stone

Just as in America as Obama is attempting to plague this nation with executive amnesty to overload our system with unprocessed immigrants who are jobless, carrying diseases, potential criminals, and even unidentified terrorists that will receive social security numbers, right to work, along with food stamps, health care, and welfare, as we endure a teetering economy Israel faces the same threat. Using a huge influx of immigrants who do not share allegiance to the government of Israel (Palestinians) the White House seeks to overturn the Jewish State just as Obama seeks to overturn America. To create havoc and social unrest in America with executive amnesty simply to ensure future generations of Democrat Party supporters is not only corrupt but destructive. The White House will use the same strategy against Israel if it can as well. The population shift in the Jewish state of Palestinians is intended to disrupt Israel.

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