White House power outage, Homeland security says not terrorism

Power outages have been reported for much on Washington D.C. including White House and the State Department.  Back-up generators are being used by most government buildings. Pepco says that an explosion has caused the outage.   Homeland Security says the outage was not due to any terror related incident.

This from  The Hill:

Government buildings throughout Washington, including the White House and State Department, briefly lost power on Tuesday.

Electricity provider Pepco said the cause of the outages “is under evaluation.”

The Department of Homeland Security does not suspect the outages to have anything to do with criminal activity or terrorism, according to CNBC.

At the White House, the lights in the lower press area went off for a few seconds before turning on again. Power also went out in other parts of the building, according to White House staff.

“Power outage affecting many parts of the city, and it affected the [White House] complex. We were on a backup generator and now we are back on normal power,” a White House spokesman said.

State Department spokeswoman Marie Harf continued speaking with reporters when the power went out during her midday briefing.

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