The World Will Know When Mushroom Clouds Appear

Mister President if the world knows that Iran has lied will it not know too when mushroom clouds appear?

The Iran nuclear deal being pushed along by the president and John Kerry seems poised to pass like just about any other bill adverse to the interests of the American people and our allies as has been the case for the last 6 years. John Boehner, Mitch McConnell, and the GOP controlled Senate and Congress seem to have no more interest in stopping the White House other than talking tough, putting up a facade of resistance, then at the last minute caving like they always do.

With the military and political stability of the Middle East in question as ISIS continues crucifying children and anyone that they think is getting in their way, as Iran deploys its forces in Yemen, and as Israel braces for the consequences of a bad nuke deal, America stands impotent and ambivalent to its traditional allies! Under the Obama doctrine red lines mean nothing, standing with Israel means nothing, and rhetoric is about the only action the administration sees to be able to dish out. As liberal supporters of the Obama regime close their eyes and look the other way labeling anyone who knows that common sense dictates that you don’t negotiate in good faith with a country whose Ayatollah chants “Death to America” as this nation supports terrorism, the conservative voice in America is once again ignored.

Leaving the US worse off than before

In a delusional rush to erect his legacy, President Obama obviously could care less what happens to America after his term is finished. Whether Iran develops and deploys Atomic weapons after we have lifted sanctions and restored their economy is of no concern to him. It seems that once again the safety of our allies or the citizens of the US make little difference to a man who would rather go to a celebrity fund raiser or play golf than remain in the White House Situation Room when US lives are at stake! Obama has proven time and again from Fast and Furious to Benghazi from executive amnesty to bringing Ebola patients to our shores, what is best for the American people is not among the list of priorities that this president measures the yardstick of his actions by.


One might recall that even before signing off on the NDAA laws in 2010 Obama had already made a comment that the US could absorb another 9-11 and just keep on ticking. With a so called leader as unconcerned for the safety of US citizens as that I would think that we Americans have a lot to worry about when we have a president that values our well being this little. I wonder how the president’s policies might become a little more sympathetic toward the American citizen if his own daughters were as vulnerable and devoid of favoritism and could be exposed to the thoughtlessness of his actions when it comes to crucial negotiations like the Iranian nuclear deal?

Passive electorate

In America we have a dangerously complacent mindset of people who think that they can rely on the White House to create a utopian society using the tactics of fascist states to punch through legislation that not only violates the US Constitution but allows this administration to practice a form of lawlessness that is flagrant and an insult to any nation built upon the precepts of law and not the corruption of men. Reducing the US legal system to a shadow of itself for the sake of adverse political expediency contradicts the separation of powers which was intended to block any president or party that was acting in dictatorial fashion. Yet, the safeguards intended by our wise forefathers has been ruthlessly sidestepped

Coming nightmare

How bad will the waking nightmare that finally arouses the sleeping citizens of this nation when Israel is forced to initiate a pre-emptive strike upon Iran to halt the deployment of an atomic arsenal with deadly intent? What will the Middle East become as the rest of the Arab nations clamor for a nuclear weapons arsenal to offset the Iranian threat? What will it take for the lemming mentality of the people to be shocked out of their stupor once their men and women family members of the US Naval Mediterranean Fleet are hit by one of Iran’s nonexistent nuclear tipped missiles? How will liberal supporters of President Obama feel when Russian and Chinese aid comes pouring into Iran in order that the Iranians to keep the territorial gains of its fighters deployed against Yemen now?

Allegiance to who?

The Democratic Party’s schizophrenic negligence when it comes to voting with the president lock and step has contributed to a lot of grief and suffering in America as unpopular legislation continues to anger and frustrate the majority of citizens. The White House has become a platform for illegal immigrants, a pardon machine for dangerous enemies of America imprisoned at Gitmo for no good reason while the DOJ releases serious criminal drug offenders in the name of justice! The topsy turvy world of reality according to the Obama administration guarantees punishing consequences for an America already on the ropes thanks to the dismal policies of an entrenched ideologue in the oval office that has been allowed to run amuck for more than 6 years now!

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A Conservative adult, musician, small businessman, former single parent of 4 children who never asked for government assistance even during the recession of the 80's, I love my country, but do not trust the government. I worry for my country everyday and hope my fellow Americans will wake up.

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