Video: College Campuses Gone Wild In 2 Minutes – Unbelievable!

College and graduate school campuses are terrible. Banning words, shouting down speakers for having opposing political views, clamoring for exam extension because of “traumatic news.” Yikes. – Washington Free Beacon


Now they’re in the news for calling camels racist against Middle Easterners, trying to ban words like “you guys” and “wuss” that could be “hurtful,” clamoring for final exam extensions citing trauma from grand jury decisions thousands of miles away, and screaming down commencement speakers because their political views clash with their own or they said correct things about Islam.

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Sure, lets give this entitled brats a free college education so they can become tolerant! First book, ‘Rules for Radicals

Okay, This is what college is like in the Carolinas… Its not college, its Coastal

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