The Bungling Obama Presidency; By Design?

Photos released today of a seemingly jubilant panel of Iranian officials who seem poised to get everything they want serve as a stunning testament to one of many blunders committed by the Obama administration.

The Iranians have verbally abused Secretary of State John Kerry, have refused to give way to serious concessions, and can rely on President Obama to restore their economy by the lifting of US sanctions. What’s wrong with this picture? All the while true hostility has been leveled at Benjamin Netanyahu with President Obama even funding political movements in Israel that were dedicated to unseating the Prime Minister. In all this, the President and his administration failed. Using at least 350 thousand US tax dollars to fund Arabs, leftists, and Palestinians who want the Jewish state to basically lie down at the feet of its hostile neighbors who want to eradicate Israel. What is our government doing trying to unseat the head of state of one of our traditional allies?

What is happening here?

Obama’s State Department has ignored any semblance of caution, any regard for the ramifications of allowing a terrorist supporting nation to attain a nuclear arsenal. All in the interests of hurrying to allow President Obama to achieve his delusional legacy! With Israel, Egypt, Jordan, Syria, and Iraq all clamoring to stop Iran from attaining a nuclear arsenal the only nation not listening to the lessons of history is America under the incredibly arrogant denial of a man who would rather play golf or attend a celebrity fund raiser than save American lives!

Creating chaos abroad

One might just ask, what is this administration doing alienating the rest of our allies through out the world through deals with our enemies, refusal to aid them militarily against ISIS, a half-hearted at best air war against ISIS, while making a bad nuclear deal with a sworn enemy of America as their Ayatollah shouts “Death To America!” and this president and his bungling administration have continually compromised American interests in order to adopt insane and dangerous policies that endanger US citizens while benefiting our enemies. The White House refuses to guard our borders with Mexico while allowing illegal aliens to become citizens and gain drivers licenses, social security standing, and get government assistance while Americans suffer high unemployment and an economy that is not recovering at all!

Disabling America’s energy capacity

The EPA under Obama will shut down coal fired electrical plants by administering unrealistic emission standards that make it unprofitable to operate. If the Obama White House has seen fit to fund failed energy companies such as Solyndra why would the government not help assist coal fired plants in meeting the new EPA emission standards so that we do not have power outages within the US grid in the very near future? Instead we see the counter productive loss in US taxpayers dollars that have been squandered to invest in poorly managed alternative energy producers that went bankrupt instead! What kind of incompetence such as this would ever be allowed in the public sector that would not be accompanied by a firing or even criminal prosecution for gross negligence? Yet, President Obama continues on his merry steam rolling of the US economy without any opposition by the GOP held Congress and Senate!

Lying to the people

Each week the American people receive false data from the federal government on jobless figures, on the cost of living, and the mythical US economic recovery that absolutely rails against all logic when you consider that job participation levels are at 30 year lows and the purchase of durable goods by consumers continues to decline each month testifying to the fact that US citizens have less money to spend, less people have a job or are under employed, and the cooked statistics issued by the federal government are supposed to rally the public’s belief that everything is fine in Rome as it burns!

Foreign relations in chaos

With foreign policy in shambles in the Middle East, with a economy that is not gaining ground no matter how many ways the White House wants to change the way it reports the facts, with executive amnesty looming as Obamacare remains in place despite its incredibly unpopular status among grumbling consumers, the stage is set for a major failure with the financial and security apparatus of America, and the Obama White House continues to plow through the waters of dissent full speed ahead. If anyone of our enemies were at the helm of this nation and were calling the shots no once could do a better job of destroying America then the President is currently doing!

Why is he allowed to do it?

One must ask why this is being allowed to happen? Why has Congress not interceded and stopped this president by unfunding his destructive agenda? Why have articles of impeachment not been drawn up yet? The GOP, Mitch McConnell and John Boehner both ran on repealing Obamacare and stopping the President’s insane executive amnesty plan, yet the opposite happened instead. America is on a course for disaster. That this is an intentional scheme, a proposed outcome, a deliberately sanctioned program of defeat from deep within the shadow government that really runs America seems to be the only logical explanation.

Recipe for disaster

How do you take down the most powerful nation on the face of the earth? One that stands for freedom and opportunity and is sought after by people all over the world for its great history of human rights protection, liberating the world from aggressors, while honoring the rule of law seems like a great reason to appeal to people everywhere. So, why would a government of such a nation want to impose failure, capitulation, deception, and suffering to the middle class? it does not make sense. It is not a rational way of governance. Yet, even with the assured fascism and lies of the left, not even their degree of ineptitude can reflect such blatant intent to see that America fails!

The only conclusion

I submit to you that there is a plan that has been implemented steadily for the last 6 years to accelerate the decline of America as a leading nation in the world. Someone within the US government wants to ensure that our nation cannot recover. That America is so damaged, so demoralized, so indoctrinated with self defeating ideology that collapse is imminent seems assured. Yuri Bezmenov, former KGB disinformation specialist, who defected to Canada then lectured across America, clearly pointed out that all of the prerequisites for a takeover from within had been met and were underway within our nation when the conservative voice refused to answer the insanity of the leftist propaganda that opposes each and every quality that brought our nation to the pinnacle of greatness because citizens earned it. The America dream succeeded because people contributed to this country they did not collect government subsidies and expect it to be handed over to them, yet in light of the new agenda the sabotage is succeeding!

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A Conservative adult, musician, small businessman, former single parent of 4 children who never asked for government assistance even during the recession of the 80's, I love my country, but do not trust the government. I worry for my country everyday and hope my fellow Americans will wake up.

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