Flashback: Senator Boxer our Blacks are smarter then your Blacks

Black Chamber of Commerce, President and CEO Harry Alford accuses Senator Boxer (D-CA) of playing race politics during a Senate EPW Committee hearing on green jobs after Sen.Boxer tried to introduce documents contradictory to Mr. Alford from other African-American organizations.


EPW Ranking Member Sen. James Inhofe (R-OK) notes that the NAACP resolution that Sen. Boxer referenced did not actually support the position she was trying to make.

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Harry Alford: Barbara Boxer Is Full Of “Pure Race”

On the heels of what he called a “condescending” exchange with Sen. Barbara Boxer, Black Chamber of Commerce president Harry Alford tells Bill O’Reilly that her invoking the NAACP was “pure race” and called the whole ordeal “ugly”. He compared it to “Mississippi back in the bad ol’ days.”

“I don’t think she can help herself,” Alford said. “When she gets caught up against a wall… race comes out.”

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