President Obama a Member of The Muslim Brotherhood Part II

Though many may scoff at the subject of this article the findings are irrefutable. Only those in complete denial, blind support, or radical ideological alignment with this treasonous leader in the White House could possibly continue to view Barack Obama in the same way after these sobering facts. In 6 years of rule under the Obama regime America has managed to alienate its allies, lose control of the Middle East, and has a program of forced compliance with Sharia Law in place and being implemented by federal courts! Any foreign treaty adopted by any US state is in violation of the US Constitution but this fact has not stopped the Obama administration from moving forward on its agenda.

Refusal to enforce

CAIR (Council on American Islamic Relations) is an unindicted co-conspirator caught red handed by the Department of Justice contributing 12 million dollars to terrorist organizations considered enemies of America by the US State Department. Yet, when President Obama took office he specifically instructed AG Eric Holder to drop the case against CAIR. So, even though this organization indeed was guilty of aiding and abetting terrorists, the White House chose not to prosecute them! CAIR was based in Chicago, Illinois. This is the same city where Junior Senator, Barack Obama, operated from. When Obama ran for the presidency and won, CAIR followed him to Washington DC where they set up office just 2 blocks away from the White House. Is this fact simply a coincidence?

The enemy inside the gates

Since taking the oval office, the President has given ease of access to Muslim Brotherhood leaders who are forming policy in Homeland Security and the Defense Department! It is a documented fact that well known members of the Muslim Brotherhood visited the White House hundreds of times! It is a well known fact that both CAIR and ISNA are not only identified public outreach groups for the Muslim Brotherhood, but were directly involved in purging language that the Muslim Brotherhood deemed incriminating from such FBI reports as the Ft. Hood shootings, words like terrorism, Jihad, and Islamist. That our State Department, FBI, and White House are now infiltrated by the Muslim Brotherhood or their affiliates is a foregone conclusion and did not go unnoticed by a popular Egyptian newspaper that actually boasted that Muslim terrorists had successfully breached the Obama White House. That newspaper, Rose-El-Youssef acknowledged this fact is extraordinary when the US media intentionally refuses to cover the story!

Aid to those who would destroy us

In donating billions now to Iran, a nation who has not been friendly to America, who held US hostages for more than a year, who has shot down US aircraft, has vowed to wipe out Israel, and whose fanatical Ayatollah continues to chant, “Death to America” in public as the US State Department negotiates an ill advised deal to prevent the a nuclear program is chilling enough, but there is more! Since the Egyptians ousted the Muslim Brotherhood President Obama has denied them military aid whereas after Morsi took office and Mubarak had been overthrown by a US backed rebellion, 13 million had been given to the new regime. Now as ISIS expands its territorial conquests the Obama White House does not provide military aid or supplies to either Jordan or Egypt as the fighting becomes more intense!

Suppressing the whistle blowers!

Conservative Americans as well as GOP leaders who tried to make public their findings concerning Obama’s traitorous actions were criticized by the embedded members of the Muslim Brotherhood within the White House while even by Senator John McCain as being on a witch hunt! Those concerned for the security of our nation were scorned and marginalized while the president continues to facilitate an internal compromise of our military, our intelligence networks, and our public policy among lawmakers on Capitol Hill! That President Obama has knowingly brought the enemy into the White House, exposed our military intelligence to them, refused to prosecute guilty parties acting against our nation, and has outright funded terrorist nations and groups who are avowed enemies of America is an act of treason punishable in some cases by death!

When options evaporate

Ask yourself just what will America do when Israel tries to launch a pre-emptive strike against Iran before it can complete its nuclear weapons program? What will we do if Iran is allowed to complete their designs on an Atomic arsenal and do attack the Jewish State? By then, will ISIS have managed to expand into the entire region? Will President Obama have sufficiently stalled or interfered enough with the US military and Congress to delay US entry into a crisis region that can no longer be reclaimed or normalized? Will not only a nuclear exchange in this hotly contested theater be the ultimate legacy of the Obama doctrine, or will the complete Islamization of the US federal government be achieved?

What happened to your government?

I ask you where is our system of checks and balances? Where is the government that once honored the US Constitution? Why has Congress not acted against a blatantly traitorous president? Are these men simply cowards? Have they been blackmailed or threatened? Are they simply content to receive their payoffs as their country rolls over like a doomed ship in the ocean and sinks? Maybe you should contact your Congressman or Senator and let them know just how enraged you are over these developments while there is still time!

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A Conservative adult, musician, small businessman, former single parent of 4 children who never asked for government assistance even during the recession of the 80's, I love my country, but do not trust the government. I worry for my country everyday and hope my fellow Americans will wake up.

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