More Regulatory Insanity from the Obama White House

Imagine washing you car on your driveway and being served a fine for $100,000 dollars or worse being arrested! Imagine wanting to simply paint your house and having to get a federal environmental permit while paying a hefty fee for it as well. Imagine being denied the right to thin brush and mow down overgrowth on your rural property due to vermin and snakes that infest unkempt landscape and being stiffly fined by the Bureau of Land Management for the violation of federal law! These are just a few of the land mines that will be waiting for US citizens as the EPA under the direction of the Obama administration unleashes more scathing regulations that will curtail our freedoms increasing taxes to fund the expansion of this type of rule. Now even cook outs in the backyard will come under the scrutiny of the federal EPA as BBQ grills will be regulated! Plans for monitoring toilet flushes and shower frequency are being discussed. It seems any excuse is being waged in order to bring all things beneath the power of an all seeing, iron fisted, government.

Gutting the grid

98 coal fire plants, the very backbone of our electrical grid system here in the United States will be closed down thanks to new emissions standards imposed by an out of control EPA. In a government that has deemed carbon dioxide, a necessary noble gas needed in our atmosphere for photosynthesis, the process that allows all plants to convert water and sunshine into food and oxygen, to be a dangerous toxic substance illustrates the insanity permeating Washington! Unrealistic emission standards making such a reliable resource as coal no long economically feasible is but one in many ways the White House will seek to limit abundant and affordable energy in America! Our nation now faces inevitable power outages that could cost lives during the winter and summer demand periods.

Determined fascism

Even though Cap and Trade legislation so fervently supported by President Obama in 2009 at the height of the real estate bubble that caused massive layoffs and investor losses, was fortunately defeated, he has been able to implement this fascist imposition through EPA regulations. The president cared little as beleaguered US citizens suffered economically as long as he could put his signature on yet another piece of draconian rule to further increase the cost of energy based on each individual’s carbon footprint! So as families struggled to feed their children and pay the already high prices of gasoline at the pump, the president cared little when it came to further punishing the American consumer. This president has literally prided himself on doing everything in his power to harass the public through stiff regulations, increased taxes, and under the weight of big government rule!

Discouraging employment

When employers can no longer afford to set up shop in the US thanks to EPA and state environmental standards that make the construction of plants too expensive for a corporate outlay, surely other countries more friendly to US corporations will be glad to facilitate outsourcing. Yet, this fact will be conveniently overlooked by a federal government that is killing US jobs in favor of the imposition of draconian regulations that have questionable impact at best! Ideology and consensus have now taken precedence over objective reality as Obama continues to refuse to sign off on the Keystone Pipeline under the aegis of awaiting government study that has not been concluded for years! This president, devoid of any practical business management skills would, deny Americans employment, affordable fuel, and secure source of energy within America’s borders that strengthens ties with our allie, Canada.

Subjecting US to foreign control

Despite the growing disillusionment over the faulty global warming or climate change agenda, President Obama now goes to the United Nations to form a coalition of countries that will formulate new restrictions upon the public’s use of energy, the availability of fuel, increases in taxes, and even more impositions that will also saddle America under international law! This will be an unconstitutional move by our president as there are clearly stated amendments in the Constitution which prohibit entering any US state into a foreign treaty. This, President Obama, should know if indeed he was every an expert on the US Constitution during his supposed attendance at Columbia and Harvard Universities in law studies in which many witnesses have denied ever seeing him present.


All in all, the United States is in a crisis not for lack of a skilled work force, not for lack of resources, and not for the lack of the will of the people. The only factor that stands in the way of US economic recovery and the prosperity we as a nation have earned is the federal government itself, and an ideologue in the oval office who is firmly dedicated to marginalizing America in every conceivable way he can. So far, Congress is unwilling to do anything more then put on a show of going through the motions of opposing this administration’s destructive agenda, but the true intentions of Speaker of the House John Boehner and Mitch McConnell have been to miserably fail in honoring the very issues upon which they promised the American people that they would implement. The resulting cynicism that it has caused has only alienated the public even more from participating in the election process and that does not bode well for our future as a republic!

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A Conservative adult, musician, small businessman, former single parent of 4 children who never asked for government assistance even during the recession of the 80's, I love my country, but do not trust the government. I worry for my country everyday and hope my fellow Americans will wake up.

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