Despite White House’s Best Efforts A Netanyahu Landslide

Benjamin Netanyahu prevailed in the recent Israeli elections even though the US State Department apparently funded a supposedly politically neutral organization, One Voice International, an organization aligned more with Israel’s enemies than anything else. One report shows taxpayers dollars to the tune of $350,000 were funded to support this political front dedicated to unseating Netanyahu when they masqueraded as being moderate toward the Israel and Palestinian causes!

A gathering of vultures

Netanyahu warned that radical, foreign, factions were mobilizing Arabs, Palestinians, and leftists to vote against the standing Israeli Minister. Isn’t that what’s going on here in the US as the White House allows the violation of our international borders, radicals to riot in our cities against police enforcement, as our federal government gives away millions to terrorist organizations like HAMAS and Hezbollah? It seems Netanyahu is up against the same threats as conservative Americans and Tea Party members who have been under assault in the US. One big difference is that Israel is surrounded by hostile Arab neighbors and is fighting for its very existence.

Elicit use of taxpayer funds

One might ask if the funding of foreign political campaigns is not only unconstitutional but criminal if only the federal courts would prosecute the law and uphold due process against this rogue White House! How is it that our vain President Obama in his quest to create a legacy for himself can actually use the resources of the federal government to sanction a personal vendetta against Netanyahu, a true leader of his people, and not a celebrity want to be, as we the people well know our president to be?

The transformation

American politics have taken on a bizarre if not irrational complexion these last six years. It seems that this Obama White House has done everything in its power to contradict the US Constitution, American exceptionalism, an issue that represents the best interests of the people of this nation! It seems the appointees, propagandists, and spin doctors of the Obama administration have conveniently forgotten that the federal government was originally tasked by our founding fathers to serve the people not rule them! Yet, this is the unfortunate and unintended consequence of a poorly educated electorate’s choice to elect an entrenched ideologue who views the very country he is supposed to defend as being a problem he must apologize for and undermine at every opportunity.

How it happened

That such a charlatan could have penetrated the oval office and knowingly been allowed to rise up through the ranks of the Democratic Party regardless of criminal associations, demagoguery, and the bypassing of Congress on crucial issues point to an even more disturbing question. Who are the ones who hide in the shadows who have enabled this inept America hating despot to ascend through the ranks utterly immune to prosecutory action? Obama is literally insulated against Congressional wrath, or the numerous constitutional crises that he has wrought!

A perplexing conclusion

The answer to the disturbing question of who are the president’s handlers and lies in the radical leftist factions that are not only diametrically opposed to this nation on a political level, but are even corporate in nature and have absolutely no allegiance to the very nation they owe their own existence to! Many experts allege that there has been a diabolical coalition of fascist Islamists, Communists, and errant big business influences that all have their reasons for taking down America several notches while nullifying our US Constitution! If the American people do not wake up soon enough the collectivists will succeed and this nation will never again exist on a footing of greatness achieved through the individual freedoms that were guaranteed to us by the blood of our forefathers who foretold of a day such as this when right became wrong!

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A Conservative adult, musician, small businessman, former single parent of 4 children who never asked for government assistance even during the recession of the 80's, I love my country, but do not trust the government. I worry for my country everyday and hope my fellow Americans will wake up.

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