White House’s Intentional Decline For America

An American president who makes excuses for American exceptionalism acting as though it does not exist, raises an eyebrow. Historically it makes little sense. America’s impact upon the world has been positive, yet we see an ominous force leveled against our nation. That ominous force is an oppressive federal government!

Confusion among the sheep

Everywhere in America the people are asking questions, seeing contradictions over the state of the union as pronounced by our president, and wondering what indeed the truth really is. Why, when we are supposedly seeing a robust 5.5 % economic growth trend why are layoffs so prevalent? Why is the cost of food increasing at levels that far exceed the government’s non inflationary cost of living index? Why is the cost of electricity skyrocketing? It’s more than just an economic conundrum though, it’s about a government agenda that is hiding the truth from a beleaguered public that have had enough!

How do you apologize for success?

America is the greatest success story in the history of mankind. No other nation has so rapidly emerged as a world leading power for good and as an example of freedom to the oppressed masses of regimes and monarchies all over the planet. Yet, despite that torch of liberty that has attracted so many from all over the globe seeking an end to injustice and to the threshold of their dreams, we now have a government that is intentionally reducing this great nation to the mediocrity of our detractors!

Scuttling America’s infrastructure

It was announced recently that the EPA will be shutting down 98 coal fired electrical plants this year. These generating facilities are the backbone of the US grid system and provide the back up power needed under peak demand periods such as the bitter cold of winter or the sweltering heat of summer. Blackouts and power outages could cause deaths! President Obama announced from the very beginning of his campaign that energy prices would necessarily increase according to his agenda, and that is one of the few promises this charlatan in the oval office has kept!

Under the mercy of little Napoleons

The Environmental Protection Agency is comprised of radical bureaucrats drunken with their own power and appointed, not elected. By imposing draconian standards upon American industry they are not necessarily improving the quality of the environment at all, but they are creating conditions that will negatively impact crucial energy producers forcing them out of business along with lost jobs by the thousands! The auto industry has been drastically affected with demands for high gas mileage that will inevitably result in the deaths of more passengers due to car accidents taking place in more fragile and lightweight vehicles forced into manufacture by EPA compliance!

Denying the obvious

Although America’s oil and gas industry employs more than 9 million Americans it is tragically laughable to see the federal government back pedaling over the effects of cheaper gas on the US economy as layoffs occur regardless of the White House’s insistence that the oil and gas industry has no real impact on jobs or economic growth! This is the rationale the president used in refusing to allow permits for the construction of the Keystone XL Pipeline!

Ignoring surplus

As the gas and oil glut continues it is clear that America is rapidly emerging as the world’s number one energy producer now with so much surplus fuel in storage that it is getting impossible to find more space to save the continuing output! As the price of crude per barrel goes downward the cost of transporting goods and services should decrease as well so that the cost of living in America within certain parameters, should become more affordable! Yet, the federal government refuses to lease American land to oil and gas producers, wants to restrict offshore drilling, and would rather allow train derailments to continue causing oil spills while the Keystone XL Pipeline awaits approval!

Where the free market does not apply

To keep the cost of gas at the pump higher so that the federal government can continue to receive higher tax revenues, the White House continues to encourage importation of crude from the Middle East which now costs more than domestically produced gas and oil! So the government would rather the US consumer endure the burden of higher gas prices and more taxes than live within its means and cut back like the private sector has to when economic times change! Much of government services are not so essential that they cannot be streamlined or made to be more cost efficient just as publicly run business must adapt to in a competitive market environment! Yet, this is a universally applied economic rule that federal and state government refuses to apply to their fraternal operations.

Where the buck stops?

As opposed to what is best for the country, our legislators in Washington do not want an accountable federal government that must conform to changing economic and social trends. They want power without answering to the people for it. The White House from the president down want the luxury of rule without having to endure the harshness of their regulations that would be applied to them. They don’t want to conform to Obamacare, they don’t want to submit to the law once they have violated it, but it is perfectly all right to burden and jail the general public for the same offenses!

Common sense where?

President Ronald Reagan declared that it was time for government to exercise the same common sense and responsibility as we the people have to practice in our daily lives, yet many people at that time did not realize the full impact of what he was getting at. The general public had been conditioned to submit to the whim over the federal government as though it could invoke a utopia that would solve all social ills and cure all problems within society! Yet, with the failure of such programs as the “War on drugs” or the “War on poverty” we find that the government created infrastructure seeks rather to perpetuate itself at the cost to the taxpayer rather than solve any serious problems that chronically afflict our society!


Despite a staggering deficit, the clear existence of casualties, and the mounting burden of taxation upon the population resulting from the fiscal mismanagement of the federal government still the leviathan of hypocrisy and obstructionism goes on! The people are being pushed further and further into a corner of regulatory coerced conformity. Operating under the illusion of a Constitutional Republic, America has fallen under the iron fist of the collectivists who cannot tolerate individual freedom and free thinking. They view the general public as livestock who must be controlled, and, if need be, even liquidated at the whim of big government!

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A Conservative adult, musician, small businessman, former single parent of 4 children who never asked for government assistance even during the recession of the 80's, I love my country, but do not trust the government. I worry for my country everyday and hope my fellow Americans will wake up.

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