Fifty Years of Democratic Party False Narratives

It is a distressing fact to realize when one considers that one monumental reason that America is in the fix that it now is in is due to a poorly educated electorate-the low information voter, who plagues our society. This is the major source of influence that the modern leftist co-opted Democrats now derive their strength from! This is where the political landscape of the US is plundered and pillaged for the sake of a faulty ideological scourge of lies and disinformation aimed at the destruction of our Constitution as well as our inalienable rights as citizens of this republic!

Treating the people like chimps

For the last 50 years the intelligence of the people has been intentionally insulted in the form of false accusations, misleading statistics, and character assassination used to intimidate anyone, no matter how ethical, who might stand in the way of the Democratic Party in its obsession to rule no matter how much damage they do to the country! So it is, as lies account for votes, and those votes bring about elections that produce more corruption and departure from the freedoms guaranteed to us by our forefathers who knew better than we do just what oppression and government tyranny were like!

Perpetuating the lies

Over the years there are those true gems of false narratives that emphatically stand out as the Democrats falsely accuse, implement repetitive half truths, and hold the truth hostage to their radical whim! Let us indulge in these lies that have been repeated and repeated until the ignorant American electorate adopted them in place of self evident truth that our patriots and for bearers once recognized as the guideposts that distinguished American exceptionalism from third world mediocrity.

Declaring war

Do you distantly remember the “War on Drugs” or was it that this declared assault on drug abuse in America gave way to the “War on Women” as conservatives are depicted as being chauvinists who are out to deny women their rights. How about how valiantly Democratic leaders have defended the right of a woman to kill a fetus they are carrying at some sub standard clinic that can’t even pass a state health inspection? Yes, these are the kinds of rights that more interest the Democratic Party than keeping babies alive much less the safety of mothers who have the abortion procedure performed upon them in a filthy facility! After all these are the most essential rights!

The alleged prejudice

White people are racists, especially police officers! America came into being on the backs of poor exploited black slaves! it had nothing to do with the black slave traders who harvested their own kind for the assured lifetime of such debauchery once reaching the shores of America. One might note that history teaches us that while the Republican Party advocated civil rights, the Democratic Party refused to acknowledge them and often ordered club swinging police to disburse demonstrations! Yet, all you will hear from the Democrats is that the GOP are racists, the police are out to kill innocent blacks, and that anyone who opposes President Obama must be a racist!

Evil Caucasians

White people are racist too because they don’t want illegal aliens crossing our borders, committing crimes, overloading our welfare system, spreading diseases, and being allowed to collect tax refunds they have not earned! We, the no good, bigoted white Americans actually expect our government to defend our borders, yet we are being subjected to a Cloward and Piven style assault on our society that can only lead to a monetary and services collapse. Orchestrated by, propagandized by, and delivered by the Democrats unflinchingly under President Obama!

Permeating our borders

One might wonder how the war on drugs ever could have succeeded while our borders are flooded by invading nationalities from Central America, Mexico, and even the Middle East! As the Mexican Army is allowed to get away with strafing our border agents and drug cartels murder our ICE personnel, the Democrats are creating the expansion of a new generation of poorly educated electorate, who could care less about American exceptionalism or values as they seek out everything they can milk the US system for thanks to the Democrats false narratives of allowing illegal aliens across our borders through the goodwill of their hearts!

In part II we will examine more of the well publicized history of Democratic false narratives that have been used to sway the low information voter into buying the “Big Lie” that plagues America and threatens her existence!

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A Conservative adult, musician, small businessman, former single parent of 4 children who never asked for government assistance even during the recession of the 80's, I love my country, but do not trust the government. I worry for my country everyday and hope my fellow Americans will wake up.

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