Ferguson A false Flag Operation

Recently with Officer Darren Wilson exonerated of any accusations of wrong doing in the shooting death of Michael Brown, a young black thug, who was supposedly unjustly shot while allegedly trying to surrender with hands up. Despite being found not guilty and then found not guilty again by a grand jury, the prosecutor, and now the FBI under Eric Holder’s Department of Justice, still Wilson, has been forced to resign from the Ferguson PD and without an income, now faces a civil lawsuit by Brown’s parents. The irony never ends, but the injustice goes on sanctioned by the White House.

Vilifying the heroes

In an 80 page report Officer Darren Wilson is found innocent despite the fact that Eric Holder’s team of some 40 FBI agents descended upon Ferguson with a vengeance trying to prove that the police were bigoted racists out to kill innocent blacks! The government alleged that statistics proved there was racism going on at the Ferguson PD, but was the report biased and intentionally distorted? According to well know statistician, John Lott, yes!

An expert weighs in

Such findings as trying to allege that blacks were pulled over by police in a disproportionate number of incidents was grossly misleading! In a town where 85% of the population is black statistics without proper context would show unfair results. After a careful analysis, it was found that Ferguson was below the national average of police traffic stops involving blacks. Still, the government under AG Eric Holder saw fit to deliberately misrepresent the data and in doing so perpetuate the anger and protests, and now two Ferguson officers have been shot!

Injustice continues

Just as in New York City in the double murders of two police while seated in their cruiser, Ferguson becomes the false flag battleground for racial confrontation again! An American city ravaged by violence and racial conflict thanks to the Obama White House that has refused to speak out, refused to quell the animosity, and has encouraged hostility by refusing to arrest many looters and rioters!

Targeting Ferguson

In a world where people from many nations have left their homes to go fight with ISIS so they can engage in unrestricted murder and then return home unprosecuted,we may have the same scenario in Ferguson where those allowed to infiltrate our country over the Mexican border are shooting at police in Ferguson! The authorities already knew that many of the troublemakers came from all over the US and were not from Ferguson once police ran background checks on the out of town violators who were arrested during the peak of violence there. One must ask just who can afford to leave their job even if they are working and spend days raising hell in Ferguson unless they are a paid agitator!

The unthinkable here

Now we have snipers with high powered rifles picking off the Ferguson police. As the administration tried to say in Benghazi, are these random acts of violence, or orchestrated attempt at further destabilizing our society for an evil agenda? That agenda is the continued push by the radical Obama White House to fan the flames of racial hatred so that they can force the people of this country to knuckle under to draconian laws and regulations that further rob us of our rights as the government clamps down on the supposed social inequity they have created in the minds of the low information voters and race baiters who want to point the finger without having any accountability!

The true nature of the enemy

In the nightmare that has become daily news in America the people are discovering more and more that it is the federal government itself that is the problem and not the solution as President Ronald Reagan once made public in his address during troubled times. He was right. Yet, today Americans have forgotten that government, more often than not, does not solve the very trouble we look to them to remedy. They are more likely to twist the agenda, build expensive infrastructure that must be supported by taxpayers, and do absolutely nothing in response to their original purpose in the first place. So it is today that police are labeled by the news media, White House, and radical elements, as being the enemy as our true enemies create more confusion and chaos in the name of social justice!

Creating a crisis

In all this we may not see any justice at all, but we can be assured that the body count will rise steadily as more victims fall in the wake of the race baiters and hate mongers within and working for the Obama White House. They have no intention of letting a crisis go to waste! Although they cannot turn the clock back 50 years in America the president and AG Eric Holder can definitely recreate the toxic atmosphere of hatred that they want to exploit!

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A Conservative adult, musician, small businessman, former single parent of 4 children who never asked for government assistance even during the recession of the 80's, I love my country, but do not trust the government. I worry for my country everyday and hope my fellow Americans will wake up.

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