The Matter of Emails and Hillary

Recently one of many new controversies has smitten the Obama administration as if we could expect anything to be different. Former Secretary of State, Hillary Rodham Clinton, has become embroiled in yet another ethical as well as legal question of conduct. To date, one US ambassador to an African nation was forced to resign over using his personal email during the course of government business. As well, State Department employees were repeatedly urged during Clinton’s tenure not to use their personal emails in the transmission of government related matters. However, this does not seem to apply to the very lead bureaucrat, who dictated this policy, Mrs. Clinton.

Many conservatives and liberals have speculated that Hillary Clinton, who used her husband’s server’s that functioned during his presidency as her internet connection, did this to hide potentially incriminating actions. Those criminal actions would be related to the foundation the Clintons have been using supposedly for the purpose of donations for charitable causes. Allegations point out that the funding that Clinton has harvested has come from nations that not only support terrorism, but also are traditionally Muslim and treat women no better than live stock allowing little in the way of equal rights. Nations in the Middle East that have contributed to the Bill, Hillary, and Chelsea Foundation constitute a violation to the very operating charter.

It’s classified stupid!

Yet, there are further findings that are more troubling. Using servers apart from the US government’s encrypted system for personal as well as official business is a violation of classified protocol! It may be that there could possibly have been a breach in national security as a result of classified information being inadvertently or even intentionally becoming divulged by hackers. With the obvious motive being to cover her unscrupulous dealings where incriminating files could be expunged, the former Secretary of State has much to answer for!

History of security negligence

There have already been many officials within the EPA who have been caught exchanging government’s business on their personal cell phones and emails. This is all very disconcerting as the potential for classified US government information being breached is probable! Although this lapse in security characterizes the administration’s typically careless approach to security measures, it is clear that the required practices of maintaining protocol mean nothing to this White House. EPA content should be considered critical to the nation’s core security, yet the Obama administration seems only to be concerned proper measures when it suits them regardless of the potential damage that could be done to America’s utility, power, and resource access. It seems that the grim implications for the safety of the public has little to do with either the Obama White House or Hillary Clinton.

The question must now be considered now such as how much damage has actually been done to national security and when will actionable threats be exacted against our nation as a result of leaks that have been exploited by our enemies. Only time will tell. In an interview, Hillary admitted to reporters that she should have maintained separate cell phones as well as email accounts, but she just didn’t feel it was an issue while she urged her employees to do the same!

How damaging?

However, the Clintons are no strangers to hypocrisy or leaks. Could China, North Korea, or any other US enemies possibly have hacked her private servers? When subpoenas for those emails are being served the question will be how many files, emails, or crucial revelations will have been leaked? Why have Democrats jumped into the fray alongside conservatives to prod Hillary for an explanation? Is the former Secretary of State’s future as a Democratic presidential candidate in jeopardy now? As Hillary continues to deny that anything serious happened, that there was anything irregular about using her own private server at her home when it is in violation of federal law! How many issues over Benghazi could have been contained on her servers? If she had been a Republican you can bet there would be a fire storm of journalistic and political outrage!

What if?

Just chock up one more incident of lawlessness and disregard for the rule of law within the Obama administration. Had the GOP conducted themselves in this manner, a major scandal would have occurred inconveniently under the nose of a president who continually pleads that he is unaware anytime a new controversy surfaces. This epitomizes 6 years of zero transparency and zero accountability as opposed to the very campaign promises voiced repeatedly by junior senator, Barack Hussein Obama! Are the files being dumped over at the server room as we speak? In all likelihood, yes.

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