Hilary’s Emails- Nothing To See, Here . . . Again

Democrat Presidential hopeful, Hilary Rodham Clinton, held a Press conference yesterday at the United Nations, answering questions about her emails. The emails that she kept hidden from the State Department, the emails that don’t really matter as Hilary has assured us that they held,

“. . . no security breaches.”

Oh really? That’s good to know.

Since the current President said that his is the “most transparent Administration in history,” why on earth are we even interested in this?

What’s to see, here?

Speaking of the President and his role in this latest Clinton scandal, Obama was completely ignorant of it.

As usual.

He said he’d heard about it just like everyone else: From the news.

Well, sure, how can we expect the President to know what’s going on within his own administration? I mean, it’s not like he’s the top brass or anything.

To the President’s credit, however, White House press secretary, Josh Earnest, let everyone know that Obama’s knowledge of Hilary Clinton’s email controversy was, like his views on homosexuality, “evolving” apparently. And his knowledge of Ms. Clinton’s secreted private email has subsequently “evolved” into, uh, yes – he really did know about it.

However, according to Earnest, Obama didn’t know what font she favored.

Ms. Clinton’s first words were to thank the UN for,

. . . putting the challenge of equality of gender front and center on the international agenda.

When MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell asked why the Bill, Hilary & Chelsea Clinton Foundation takes millions of dollars in donations from Saudi Arabia, a country known for violating women’s rights, Ms. Clinton’s answer was straight-forward and to the point,

I am very proud of the work the Foundation does.

Oh, well, thanks for clearing that one up.

And, just incase that clear and decisive answer as to why Hilary’s Foundation takes money from countries that oppress women and deny them basic human rights, Clinton added with the very detailed and plenary,

There can’t be any mistake about my passion concerning women’s rights here at home and around the world.

I don’t know, those Saudi women not allowed to walk outside without a man might might mistake it.

Andrea Mitchell’s comment, lauding Ms. Clinton with the entirely objective and unbiased observation that she was, “. . . rightly celebrating twenty years of leadership on this issue” makes me wonder what Ms. Mitchell’s political affiliation might be.

Is this MSNBC democrat lackey vying for a cabinet position in a Clinton White House?

Hey, Ms. Mitchell, did you get permission from a man, like the Saudi women have to, to be (ahem) a journalist?

Regarding the use of only one device for both her private and official government emails, Clinton said her reasons were,

. . . a matter of convenience.

You see, it’s just such a hassle to lug around all of those two iPhones. See, one device smaller than a deck of cards is far, far easier to carry than two devices smaller than a deck of cards. And, doesn’t everyone have their own private email server? In the vein of complete transparency, Ms. Clinton said that her private email server,

“. . . will remain private.”

“. . . the most transparent White House in history.”

When asked three times, THREE TIMES!, if she would be in favor of an independent investigation of this small matter of hers, each time she dodged the question.

Of course she did.

This is the woman who said that the whole Monica Lewinsky thing was nothing more than a,

. . . vast, rightwing conspiracy.

This is the woman who’s State Department put out a cable ordering US diplomats to spy on UN officials. Naturally, Ms. Clinton denied any knowledge of the cable. But when HER VERY NAME appeared at the bottom of it, her spokesperson said that it was just standard procedure to affix the Secretary of State’s name to the document.

Nope, nothing to see, here.

This also from the woman who told the father of one of the four Benghazi victims (who lost their lives in that attack, by the way) that they will get the people that made the offending video.


According to the White House for which Ms. Clinton worked, it was a video disparaging to Islam that caused the attack on the embassy in Libya.

We now know that a video had nothing to do with the attack and that it was, rather, a pre-planned, well organized terrorist assault.

Regarding that incident, Victoria Nuland, aide to Ms. Clinton, ordered the removal of all mentions of Al-qaeda, terrorism and CIA warnings from government reports about the incident.

Yet again, nothing to see, here.

And this is NOT an exhaustive list.

At best, Hilary Clinton is an incompetent idiot, one who should be barred from holding any public office simply because of, well, incompetence. At worst, she’s a corrupt, anfractuous, and insidious political beast with a voracious appetite for power.

Either way, the Democrats will be shooting par for the course if they elect former First Lady, Hilary Rodham Clinton, formerly of sybaritic former President, William Jefferson Clinton.

If she does get in office in ’16, Hilary’s staff should keep their daughters – and maybe even sons – well away from the White House as most likely, good’ole Blue-dress Bill will be residing there.

With Ms. Clinton as President, the blue fabric that will be soiled won’t be merely the dress of an young intern. It will be the blue fabric of a formerly proud nation, one with stars stripes.

Weep long and hard for yourself, America.

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