The Obama White House A Problem With Reality

Recently Secretary of State, John Kerry, was quoted as saying Americans have not been this safe in a very long time. Despite ISIS beheading journalists, Christians, women, children, and all others they perceive as standing in their way, our leaders in Washington tell us this. Does this demonstrate a schism that exists between reality and the interpretation of it by Obama administration or does this exemplify the typical propaganda exercised by most socialist and dictatorial regimes?

In the face of the unthinkable

As Iran negotiates with a gullible and enabling Obama Secretary of State Department and John Kerry is actually treated with undiplomatic disrespect, Israel, Saudi Arabia, and other nations in the Middle East warn that the administration is about to grant Iran the ability to create a nuclear arsenal as thousands of centrifuges still operate through out the country uninterrupted. The Obama White House has already lifted sanctions that have uplifted the Iranian economy! Iran’s neighbors are already warning that they will also develop nuclear arsenals in response to Iran’s uranium filled ambitions. Yet, the American people are led to believe that we are safer than we have been in years.

Ignoring crucial factors

Director of the CIA, James Laffer, has warned the president that he is worried about the blatant violations of the US and Mexico border by illegal aliens of many nationalities. These are not just Mexicans and Central Americans. Drug cartel members, ISIS terrorists, and convicted criminals are also pouring across the US border with impunity, yet President Obama by executive order has been allowed to grant citizenship to undocumented people of unknown origin, backgrounds, or political affiliation. A scourge of cheap labor willing to work under conditions and pay that American citizens cannot afford to. With a wilting economy and a labor participation rate dating back to 1978, our president chooses to take actions allow illegal aliens to attain social security benefits, food stamps, health care, and IRS refunds! Yet, these people have not earned the right or the privilege!

Refusal to aid our allies

Despite the fact that ISIS now occupies a territory larger than an American state, our President resists sending military aid to Jordan, Egypt, who threw the Muslim Brotherhood out, and the Kurdish tribes fighting desperate battles against the ISIS terrorists! Why is Congress hesitant to allocate funds to the president to fight ISIS and lead the coalition against the terrorists? Could it be that they do not trust the president with the funding. In light of the fact that this administration has donated 400 million dollars in aid to HAMAS, a major terrorist organization, is it any wonder that many could see Obama mishandling the funding that would be used theoretically to fight ISIS? When we have a Commander in Chief who announces when coalition forces will attack ISIS? When we have a Commander in Chief that announces when US forces will withdraw. When we have a Commander in Chief who puts a 3 year time limit on funding for a war waged against ISIS, is he not giving up our entire playbook to the enemy?

Denial of the obvious

With record terrorists attacks all over the globe from Europe, the Middle East, Canada, and even here in America our president once again demonstrates where his priorities truly are!Not only President Obama, but Secretary of State, John Kerry, also proclaim that Global Warming is more of a threat to national security than the growing frequency of terrorist attacks, unemployment, a sagging economy, and our unsecured borders! With all looming threats knocking on the door of our nation, our president has continued to deny the obvious and label climate change as the grave danger that we should focus on! It would seem quite obvious to many that this president and his administration are clearly unconcerned with the safety and well-being of American citizens!

Impeachment; why not?

Why has a president who has continued to exceed his powers of the executive branch, flaunted the US Constitution with consistent defiance, and foolishly endangered Americans with policies that threaten national security not been impeached yet? Does this not demonstrate that either Congress has made a deal with this administration, has been blackmailed by the administration, or are simply too cowardly to act in the interests of we the people? Whatever the case may be, we can be most assuredly safe in assuming that the US federal government no longer represents the American people. We no longer have the representative government guaranteed us by our forefathers under the aegis of the US Constitution! This, Thomas Jefferson and others, warned was a prelude to revolution as a perfectly legal remedy to a government that has failed in it’s responsibility to protect and defend our US Constitution and thus, the citizens to who this government was tasked to serve.

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A Conservative adult, musician, small businessman, former single parent of 4 children who never asked for government assistance even during the recession of the 80's, I love my country, but do not trust the government. I worry for my country everyday and hope my fellow Americans will wake up.

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