Netanyahu’s Speech to Congress

Yesterday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu addressed Congress in a joint session on the floor of that “august” chamber, as the Prime Minister referred to it, and strange as it may seem, in the pan shots of C-span’s camera coverage, I didn’t see the President anywhere.

Hmmm . . .

Why was the Prime Minister there? Other than House Speaker Boehner invited him, there are a number of other reasons for the address, I’m sure one of which is HE DOESN’T WANT TO BE ANNIHILATED! Which is a desire Iran has voiced.

Well, not Netanyahu specifically, just Israel.

Netanyahu’s speech was thrilling, respectful yet firm, poignant and grave, and it touted the long-standing friendship between Israel and America. It was a speech that should have every American moved with pride and shaking with fear!

The idea that any Islamic State would have a nuclear bomb should make freedom-loving citizens’ hearts skip a beat.

America has had The Bomb for over fifty years. Israel has had The Bomb since the mid sixties, and the only time either of us used it was to stop Japanese and Nazi world take-over in WWII. Since then, nothing.

Why? Because we’re not Jihadists.

Militant Islamic states – among which Iran is clearly numbered – is something that will result in the annihilation of both the Greater and Lesser Satans, i.e., Israel and America. Eventually.

Even with Iran’s public threats to annihilate the State of Israel, Obama has promised that his deal will keep Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon.

According to Fox News, Iran has acquired 75% of the centrifuges needed for just such a weapon over Obama’s two terms in office. However, if I’m not mistaken, I do believe that the President ‘pinky promised’ on the nuclear thing. Don’t think he ‘pinky promised’ the Obamnacare, “keep you doctor” vow, so . . . that doesn’t count.

Let me ask a question. If someone threatened to annihilate you, would you let them have a steel tooling factory and a gun powder manufacturing lab?

“Sure, as long as they promise not to make guns to kill me with.”

It’s amazing that Obama wants to take bullets from American hands, yet wants to let a Jihadist nation have enriched uranium!

From Netanyahu’s speech,

“The greatest danger facing our world is the marriage of militant Islam and nuclear weapons.”

Regarding Iran and rogue Muslim radicals, he also said,

“When it come to ISIS, the enemy of your enemy is your enemy.”


“This deal does not block the path to the bomb, it paves the path to the bomb.”

So why – and if I may say, THE HELL – is Obama wanting to make a deal with the most lively and voluminous exporter of radical Islamic terrorism? Why make a deal that can give such a regime even the most remote possibility of nuclear weapons?

“Hey, they just might abide by the agreement.”

Wow, ya got me there.

In the film “Hombre” Paul Newman’s hardened character, John Russell and several pacifists were trapped in a mine shed by outlaw Cicero Grimes, played by Richard Boone. Grimes and his gang were waiting them out down the hill in order to kill them and take the money they stole from one of the aged characters, Dr. Favor, played by Frederick March. Grimes and his gang had taken Dr. Favor’s wife as a hostage and threatened to kill her if they didn’t give him the money. Mendez, played by Martin Balsam, wanted to talk with Grimes, maybe make a deal to get them out of the situation. To which Russell responded that what they needed to do is kill the bad guys, not talk to them.

But after pressing Russell to at least listen to what Grimes had to say, inwardly rolling his eyes, Russell laid his rifle across his arm, conceding.

“What do you want?” said Mendez down to Grimes through the window.

In typical terrorist fashion, Grimes arrogantly stands in the open, sneering up at his victims, barking out his promise that if they just tossed the money down, he’d release the woman, let them all go, and everything would be fine.

Mendez asked some more questions, Grimes spat some more demands.

Finally, Russell had enough of ‘negotiating’ with the cowboy terrorist and yelled down,


“Yeah,” Grimes spat up to the window.

“I got a question.”

“Yeah,” Grimes repeated.

“How you gonna get down that hill?” asked Russell, pulling the rifle from the crook of his arm and leveling his sights on the outlaw.

“Now you just hold on, there,” sputtered a suddenly nervous Grimes as he made a mad dash for the barricade.

John Russell put three holes in him.

Iran is Grimes, Barack Obama is Mendez, and Benjamin Netanyahu is John Russell.

It burns me to think that Israel’s Prime Minister is more American than our flaccid, pusillanimous President. Where’s John Wayne, where’s Harry Truman, where’s our General Patton? Where’s the old American exceptionalism we all have come to admire so much? Well, not all of us. Obama said he “. . . believe(s) in American exceptionalism, just as I suspect that the Brits believe in British exceptionalism and the Greeks believe in Greek exceptionalism.”

I guess he suspects that Iranians believe in Iranian exceptionalism and ISIS believes in ISIS exceptionalism and Beheaders believe in Beheadist . . .

Shouldn’t we be demanding all, ALL Islamic States divest themselves of all nuclear weapons and their possible manufacture, in any way, in any capacity of any sort? And if they don’t, it will be hell to pay?

Who are we to make such demands?

We’re America, that’s who. We got the power, we got the weaponry, and I’m reminded of the line from The Godfather II where Frankie Five-Angels told Al Pacino, “Let’s hit’em now, Michael, while we got the muscle.”

Well, we got the muscle, we just don’t have the . . . other parts of the body necessary for strict and decisive protection of the US and her allies, like Israel.

According to Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel does!

It would seem that our President wouldn’t be willing to hit any nation, especially ones with a Jihadist leadership.

In fact, Israel might be the only nation this administration would be willing to hit. After all, it appears that Obama thinks Israel and Netanyahu are more dangerous than a nuclear armed Iran.

Well, he might be persuaded to hit one other nation . . . if he didn’t currently live in it.

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