Netanyahu Speaks To Congress

When Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu took the pulpit to address Congress this morning he was wildly applauded and rightfully so. A former commando and hero of his embattled Jewish State, Netanyahu is everything that our president is not. The US media has seen to it that they could belittle the importance of Netanyahu’s visit as much as possible minimizing the impact of his message to talking points about how this affects Obama or what do the Democrats think of the meeting.

Unbelievable irreverence

In an unprecedented show of ungentlemanly diplomacy not only Secretary of State John Kerry, but President Barack Obama along with 60 Democrats boycotted attendance of the Israeli Prime Minister’s speech! Of course, we could have expected the members of the corrupt Black Caucus to be amongst the members of the Democratic Party who would not show. Some concern over those who refused to attend trying to disrupt the proceedings was considered. Yet, despite this aspect, Netanyahu exhibited much charisma and reverence to American political leaders such as John Boehner and Harry Reid. The Israeli Prime Minister was gracious from beginning to end.

A show of character

Unlike our president who relies on rhetoric and demagoguery, Netanyahu is refreshingly a man’s man who speaks clearly, addresses the issues with logic, and presents his case in truth! So he did this morning despite certain anticipated indifference from the Democrats who mindlessly react lock and step with President Obama when it comes to relying on politics as opposed to what’s best for America. It was clear that the case made by Netanyahu exceeded all boundaries of partisanship, national borders, or ideologies as there is little doubt the current flawed negotiations of John Kerry and President Obama with Iran will likely ensure the rise of a nuclear arsenal in the hands of a terrorist supporting regime that will cause the likelihood of grave consequences to the US, Israel, and the western world.

Not to be believed

Major points made by Netanyahu showcased the very untrustworthy actions of Iran that have led to the nuclear controversy to begin with. Iran’s secret facility built in a deep underground structure which violated UN agreements was only one grave consideration. The fact that radical Iranian leadership has vowed to destroy the Jewish State along with America are other sobering threats to consider. As pointed out by Netanyahu, Iranian target practice on a mock US aircraft carrier out in the gulf using their missiles should indicate exactly what Iranian intentions boldly are. Netanyahu made it clear that the presence of some 6,000 centrifuges in Iran would easily ensure that the break out time for fissionable uranium that could be utilized for a nuclear arsenal in as little as a month was beyond question!

Sobering thought

The White House contends that it has ways of keeping an eye on Iranian developments. I would point out that is this the same masterful monitoring that kept our government abreast of the whereabouts of the five prisoners released from Gitmo who went back to fighting as terrorists and became major leaders in ISIS? And we should trust the Obama White House to surveil Iran as it nears the completion of its weaponized uranium? Yeah sure!

Never the less

Although obviously snubbed by President Obama, Secretary of State John Kerry, and Susan Rice, Netanyahu showed what a class act he is and was wholeheartedly received by Congress and Senate in deserving fashion. Did he ask that America go to war for him and his people. No. Israel has always defended itself with incredible heroism and military efficacy. Did Netanyahu call upon the world to recognize Iran for what it is and to unite against ISIS and Iran just as the world was called upon to unite against the fascist forces of the Nazis in World War II? Most definitely.

Forked tongue of the White House

As we here the drivel of John Kerry assuring our citizens that they are in less danger than at any time before with ISIS running amuck and Iran intent upon becoming a nuclear power in the Middle East, it seems the voice of the White House should be dismissed time and time again when it comes to a reality check. When our Secretary of State tells us that global warming is more of a threat to national security than ISIS, one should actually wonder just where the true allegiance of this administration lies as our international borders with Mexico are penetrated regularly by terrorists, drug cartel thugs, people carrying diseases, and with all looking to receive social security and health benefits from the Obama Regime!

A question of resolve

I submit to you that America lacks the leadership that Israel possesses with a man such as Prime Minister Netanyahu. We here should be so lucky as to have a leader who governs with truth and honor as opposed to a president here in America that violates our Constitution with disturbing frequency and has given the entire world the impression that our nation under this White House is not only untrustworthy to its allies, but weak in the eyes of the world!


Mister Prime Minister, thank you for your diligence, thank you for your fortitude, and thank you for the courage to come to America and speak the truth even in light of our president’s obvious rude indifference! Thank you Israel for your alliance with America.

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