President Obama Threatens Israel Over Iran

A news story appeared in a Kuwaiti newspaper that revealed a shocking incident. According to the article President Obama issued a threat to Israel’s Netanyahou. Telling Israel’s Prime Minister that if a pre-emptive attack were launched against Iran to stop the nuclear program, the president said the US would shoot down Israeli war planes! Recently after Speaker of the House, John Boehner publicly announced he had invited Netanyahou to speak to Congress, Obama made a striking reply! The administration feels like their negotiations with Iran would be compromised by having Netanyahou speak at the White House!

A haughty lack of diplomacy

So far, neither President Obama or John Kerry are not even willing to meet with Netanyahou as he appears before Congress to appeal to America for support in his battle for the existence of Israel. One might recall that Iran has threatened to use nuclear weapons to wipe Israel off the face of the planet. Now our president is threatening to knock Israeli jets out of the air if a pre-emptive strike is called for, and in all likelihood, it will be called for.

What deal?

As John Kerry takes verbal abuse and shouting off an Iranian diplomat and is clearly being played by these Middle Eastern fascists we are urged to go back into history to examine where this policy of resistance to the Jewish State began. Lately it seems more animosity has been voiced by liberals and Democrats toward Israel. Remember that in the midst of ISIS beheading Egyptian Coptic Christians, more public shootings, and warnings from agencies within the federal government to a disinterested Obama White House that border crossings present a grave threat, John Kerry tells us that we Americans are safer than we have been in a long time!

False assurances

One must surely wonder just how far the false narratives and propaganda can go as we see the Middle East on fire, more genocide being committed in Africa, and US national security being threatened over the Obama White House neglecting border security with Mexico as criminals, terrorists, unvaccinated children, and drug cartel members are allowed to flagrantly violate our territory. It is not hard to imagine or consider the notion that our government is actively compromising our nation from within while also dooming Israel to defending herself alone against all her hostile neighbors, only now with the added anxiety of a nuclear threat!

Central figure

To analyze what is wrong in our country and how so many threats can not only pop up with such frequency we must take a look at a particular factor. The President himself seems at the center of each controversial lapse in intelligence implementation, threat determination, alienating our allies, and arrogantly administering executive amnesty with no concern for the safety or stability of the American citizenry!

History of indifference

Animosity toward Israel seems to go back as far as the Jimmy Carter presidency as his adviser a Russian by the name of Zbigniew Brzezinski exercised his well known hatred for Jews and actually advocated a hostile stance toward the Jewish State. Thanks to Carter supporting the overthrow of the Shah of Iran, an allie and stabilizing influence in the region, America received the hostage crisis, the loss of Army helicopter crews who botched a rescue operation, and a loss of political support in the Middle East.

Weakening US presence

In the vacuum left by the Shah, a new radicalized government of Muslim extremists took the helm and anti-American sentiment arose quickly. President Carter did much to reduce American influence in the world, withdrawing our US Navy base from Taiwan, supporting the removal of the Shah, cutting back on the size of American armed services capabilities, and allowing another crisis to emerge. As the Middle East heated up once more, Americans were treated to another gas crisis that caused the price of fuel at the pump to sky rocket as the US economy crumbled!

Some things never change

There are many interesting similarities between the Carter administration and our disastrous terms under the Obama White House. It seems that among Democratic administrations the same pattern replicates itself. Radical left politics, economic crisis, the collapse of US foreign policy, and the increasing taxes! The American people were spared this dreadful duplicity with the Clinton Administration for two reasons. 1) President Bush had enacted several economic policies whose payoff had not yet been felt until after William Jefferson Clinton took office 2) Clinton had a Republican dominated House that reduced the deficit and refused approval on many of Clinton’s policies to expand government and spending.

Standing alone

Now Israel considers the prospect of standing alone as a rogue White House continues to exercise a vain effort at preserving Obama’s legacy, whatever that may be, and endangering the existence of the Jewish state by allowing an Iranian nuclear arsenal at the traitorous and bungling hands of the White House with the help of Sec. State John Kerry. This is a perilous prelude to a third world war beginning in the Middle East! Still Congress does nothing to stop the mad man at the helm, Barack Hussein Obama!

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