US History Without False Narratives Part V

In evaluating just events and actions by the federal government that have put America in such peril over recent years this overview would be totally remiss in not pointing out the pivotal role played by President Obama, his administration, and the foolish voters who chose to award this charlatan with a another 4 destructive years under a 2nd term. The US media refuses to identify the root cause of America’s downfall as it does everything to give this bungling Commander in Chief a pass whenever

Intentional destruction

To say that President Barack Obama is using Cloward Piven tactics to overload the America system with fiscal stress to the point of monetary collapse is an understatement. The assault of America under the present White House goes further unfortunately under the issues of Constitutional rights violations and foreign affairs. It was not too long after the 787 billion dollar bailout that the president was quickly asserting his influence under the NDAA law in which he not only approved the indefinite detainment of US citizens while violating the long standing Posse Comotatis which prohibited use of the military to enforce the law within the domestic zone of our nation. Never before had this measure been allowed as US troops practiced house to house searches as practice maneuvers in several small US towns.

Untenable deficit

By the year 2014 America was already in more then 17 trillion US federal government debt. The debt to GDP ratio was now 100%. This means that the money owed to federal government creditors and the money it took to run the US government exceeded the total earned output of the American industry and private sector economy! While Obama called out President George Bush for having created 8 trillion in debt, as unpatriotic under the present White House the federal debt not only doubled the Bush years, but exceeded the combined debt of all previous administrations prior and up to the Clinton White House!


This foolhardy type of mismanagement characterizes just how the Obama White House had literally endangered the national security of the nation. Fighting a continual legal battle against US border states for enforcing federal immigration law that the Obama administration refuses to uphold is another example as the Obama has warned ICE officers they will suffer the consequences for upholding the law and issuing summons to appear in court to those trespassing over the US border! This president has led a literal revolution against US Constitutional law and has intentionally failed his oath of office to defend and protect it.

Failure abroad

The President has committed many impeachable offenses in his arrogance! By passing Congress and seeking UN approval to use American forces to attack Libya and Syria was a violation of the US Constitution. The administration now refuses to provide military aid to Egypt since they ousted the Muslim Brotherhood. Secretary of State, John Kerry, will no doubt allow a deal for Iran to gain a nuclear arsenal when they have publicly proclaimed their ambition for the annihilation of Israel. After the disaster at Benghazi and the destruction of 20 US consulates through out the Middle East and North Africa, the Obama White House did nothing in retaliation toward our enemies. Now Libya is a sanctuary for several terrorist organizations hostile to the US. Obama’s “Arab Spring” was merely a radical Islamist uprising! Now enemies of a perceived weak America under a weak leadership (Obama) has only emboldened hostile factions in the Middle East.

Allowing aggressors

Obsessed with his own legacy, President Obama has chosen to allow ISIS to snowball into a formidable threat as he refused to attend intelligence briefings during the early mornings at the White House as our Commander In Chief is not an early morning riser although he is quite punctual for his incessant gold course appearances! When the most powerful nation of the face of the earth is led by a celebrity want to be rather than an accountable leader, not only America suffers in the vacuum of our positive influence, but the world faces war, terrorism, unrest, and distrust from our allies as the Middle East burns in unceasing conflict!

The fiat economy

The reprehensible lies being pandered by the Obama administration in proclaiming an economic recovery that doesn’t exist is criminal. With current labor participation levels at 30 year lows, with new small business start ups down by a hundred thousand per year over previous years, with record levels of food stamps and welfare, the president has the audacity to tell the American people that our economy is at full speed and things appear promising! It is clear that the White House has promoted dependency and entitlement while discouraging public businesses who can ill afford to hire and expand their operations under the highest corporate income taxes on the face of the earth. Yet, our president seems to have no empathy for American business or the US citizens as he used executive orders to provide social security benefits for illegal aliens that will cost billions!

The true legacy defined!

If US history is portrayed as it actually happened instead of being rewritten by the left, President Obama’s so-called “Legacy” will not be an example of noble leadership or an era that allowed America to shine as a positive influence in the world. Rather his terms in office will be looked upon with chagrin by those who were forced to endure his bungling efforts at punishing what he perceived as a White Privileged regime whose imperialism victimized the people of color through out the world as well as his igniting of racial tensions at home at every opportunity! The Obama Administration’s inability to manage the US economy should serve notice to future American citizens that liberal and socialistic ideology never prevails under the aegis of economic prosperity.

Defining tyranny

Entrenched leftist ideologues like Barack Hussein Obama simply refuse to allow the people the freedom to govern themselves and to use their individual ambition to allow them to achieve based upon their own merits of personal ambition. Rulers and dictators of our past, Obama among them, use the illusion of government sanctioned utopia to trick the people into believing in an ineffectual and punishing for of fascism that appears to be trying to level the playing field for all by creating class warfare and more regulation!History teaches us that Communism has produced only casualties of its influence and is not the driving force of righteousness under capitalism and free enterprise that made America a world leading power sought out by refugees and opportunity seekers alike. Instead President Obama will be remembered as leading the most deceptive and vindictive administration ever to threaten our Constitutional and Christian principles which provided the guideposts that made the nation great.

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A Conservative adult, musician, small businessman, former single parent of 4 children who never asked for government assistance even during the recession of the 80's, I love my country, but do not trust the government. I worry for my country everyday and hope my fellow Americans will wake up.

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