US History Without The False Narratives Part IV

Unfortunately, it is only through the looking glass of the present that we can see the causes of tragedies of the past, yet history teaches us that those who choose to ignore it will see tragedies repeat themselves again and again. So it is in America as this nation languishes under big government, over regulation, taxation without representation, and lawlessness within the White House itself.

In the recent past of the United States it is important to note those disturbing footnotes in these key administrations:
1) President George Bush Sr. alludes to the emergence of a “New World Order” in a 1992 speech.
2) President Bill Clinton in accepting illegal election campaign money from the Chinese government commits several lapses in national security.

A. Files on the US nuclear arsenal disappear on a computer hard drive at Los Alamos while Chinese
dignitaries are visiting.
B. US Defense information on intercontinental ballistic missiles are stolen and believed passed on to
C. The Oklahoma City bombing supposedly committed by American militia is linked to ties with Al Qaeda.
D. A retired US Army General questions the theory concerning the type of bomb allegedly used in the
Murrah Bldg. bombing, pointing out that the damage is inconsistent with the fertilizer explosive
supposedly used by Timothy McVeigh and his comrade.
E. With Osama Bin Laden under the custody of the Sudan government President Clinton fails to have this
known terrorist operative extradited.

The golden trail

They say that in order to understand the unexplainable just follow the money trail. If that statement rings true then nothing could be more relevant than tracing the reasons for corruption and the unacceptable leadership of the Obama White House. From the very beginning of the 787 billion dollar bail out that supposedly shored up a failing US economy there were problems with the disbursements and rapid payouts that went without audit or accountability. There was so much money moving so fast to the recipients while being withheld from those who did not play ball with the Obama administration that it was reprehensible. The truth should have been revealed, but for the US media and a cover up that is ongoing today!

Where did it go?

With Congress calling for badly needed infrastructure funding for the states today in 2009 there was supposedly 5% allotted for roads, bridges, and public works that magically disappeared and never made its way to the states who should have received it. Yet, the Obama administration found plenty of ways to use the money for such causes as Democratic re-elections slush funds, bribes to states that resisted the ratification of the Affordable Health Care Act, and hand outs earmarked to buy votes for the party.


Such funding as 500 million to Solyndra, a green energy corporation that went bankrupt, more than 400 million in aid to HAMAS, a Middle East terrorist organization, and huge increases in food stamps and welfare, it is clear that such fiscal mismanagement points to an ulterior motive of remaining in power without fixing any problems. Buying votes with federal handouts at the taxpayer’s expense would prove to be the very blueprint of Obama’s methodology. The expansion of a welfare state was on, and President Obama was intent upon upsetting as much of the American heritage as he could with his radical policies.

Tainted commentary

Anytime the least bit of news involving some form of social friction has occurred, President Obama was been there to inflame the potential for hatred and racial tension where ever and when ever the opportunity presented itself. The police behaved stupidly, Trayvon Martin could have been his son, police departments across the nation are at odds with communities of color, these are the false narratives of President Obama as he uses tension and unrest to keep the people in perpetual flux so as not to be able to concentrate too astutely upon federal policies of the White House that are eroding the Constitutional rights of its citizens!

Something wicked this way comes

From the very beginning of the Obama administration there were red flags and questionable practices that were emerging. From the appointment of more than 67 radical czars that answered directly to Obama, to corruption of the DOJ at the hands of AG Eric Holder and Valerie Jarret, it was clear that allegations of racism aimed at the President had little to do with his criminally negligent handling of the nation’s affairs. The transformation promised by a campaigning junior senator from Chicago, Illinois with hardly any practical experience was becoming all too clear all too quickly. The agenda was not a hope and change that served the honest and hard working people of America, but as it turned out was targeted towards the supposedly victimized minorities and people of color that a white privileged imperialistic nation has supposedly taken advantage of for decades! Was this not to be expected of a career community organizer, who had a bone to pick with the American heritage?

Cap and trade delusion

One must remember that while the nation teetered dangerously in the early days of the bailout as Americans suffered layoffs, losing their homes, and high energy prices, President Obama was ready to implement Cap and Trade whch would as he had promised “necessarily increase the cost of electricity” forcing consumers to seek alternatives sources. This fairly well documents the president’s total lack of concern for Americans who were already hard pressed to survive and meet their mortgage payments as the US economy buckled. Fortunately, Congress managed to stop Obama’s foolish intention to commoditize energy to allegedly penalize industries with higher carbon footprints as well as consumers to encourage more responsible energy consumption. In truth, the legislation would simply have needlessly victimized the already embattled American customer with higher prices without making any progress in environmental issues.

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A Conservative adult, musician, small businessman, former single parent of 4 children who never asked for government assistance even during the recession of the 80's, I love my country, but do not trust the government. I worry for my country everyday and hope my fellow Americans will wake up.

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