Obama’s Muslim Summit At The White House

Yesterday the President held a summit that began with a Muslim prayer. Limited press access, a complete audience of Islamists, the presence of two military officers, and this the president attended. Obama proclaimed how Islam has contributed to the heritage and history of America when in truth this nation has collided many times through history with Muslim terrorism and violence through out the world since the 1800’s beginning with the Barbary Coast.

Cognitive dissidence

As ISIS beheads people in the name of Allah, as they force doctors to extract the organs of victims for sale on the black market, as innocents are burned alive, and those who even use humor about Islam are gunned down, this president continues to pander Islam, refuses to speak out against Muslim terrorism, and allows a disturbing presence of radical Islamists within the White House! When the Muslim Brotherhood is allowed free access into the White House, the very ones who burned and pillaged Church’s in Egypt causing economic suffering there until the Egyptians threw them out of their country and exposed Obama’s “Arab Spring” as nothing more than Islamic uprisings.

President Obama either suffering under his delusions of Muslim contributions to the world as he forces America to knuckle under to his romanticism of a faith that promotes violence and chauvinism within the warped regime of Sharia Law, instead accuses Christians and Jews of distant past hypocrisy. An American president who never expresses a love or devotion of our nation, but quickly points out the flaws of our culture that, to him, seems to have no hint of exceptionalism.

Willful ignorance

ISIS boasts some 280 thousand strong and continues it’s merciless victimization of women, children, Christians, Jews, and anyone else they see as being in their way. President Obama conducts a minimally effective air war in Iraq, Syria, and Afghanistan. America staggers under the intentional negligence of this ruler! President Obama has orchestrated an unwavering attack against the US economy, our culture, our legal system, and US national security as he speaks to ignorant and impressionable junior college students spouting his radical rhetoric.

Never has the United States been allowed to suffer the blows and compromise being imposed upon the people of this nation by a president who sympathizes with a global scourge known as Jihad, Muslim extremism, radical Islam, and all the terrorist organizations under the umbrella of the Muslim Brotherhood. We are in desperate times unprecedented in American history. Truth is now meaningless under the redefinitions allowed under the Eric Holder Department of Justice there to uphold President Obama’s regime!


However, even worse than the desperate times that prevailed in the uncertain hours after Pearl Harbor when the outrage of citizens steered America down a united course that would result in the defeat of the inhuman evil of the Axis Powers, we have only a divided society that lacks the wisdom to see President Obama and his rogue White House for who they are!

Brain washing

The deception of the US media, the radical America hating professors sanctioned in college campuses, and the indoctrination presently unleashed upon the minds of our young in taxpayer funded public schools has ensured that our young adults are too ignorant to perceive the threat! As has been documented by such experts in propaganda such as defected KGB agent Yuri Bezmenov, who repeatedly warned his American audiences that all the signs of Communist orchestrated demoralization, indoctrinations, and destabilization were clearly evident in the US by the 1980’s because the conservative voice was not countering the lies from within!

Breakdown from within

As our own children are exposed to diseases long defeated through the American medical system now awakened thanks to all the illegal immigrant children from South and Central America, we can thank the Cloward Piven tactics of this president who intentionally allows our borders to go unprotected, the CDC seems to be telling us otherwise. Are they denying that the spread of ancient diseases is underway? That many Americans cannot deduce what is going on in the government orchestrated decline of their nation only characterizes the state of confusion bordering on chaos that has embraced our embattled society! Emblematic of all overthrows of republics though out the world targeted by Communists and radical Muslims alike, America is teetering under the ruthless mismanagement of the Obama administration.

Time running out

The clock is ticking people, and there is a desperate race going on. That race is the time left that this rogue White House has until the 2016 presidential election and the amount of further damage that can be visited upon our crumbling Constitutional republic within that crucial window of deadly opportunity. Which will happen first? Will our society collapse into a monetary crisis? Will massive and well coordinated terrorist attacks within America be carried out thanks to the border policies of the White House? Will the American political system recover from the tailspin caused by the deliberate violations of separate powers between the different branches of government? We can only guess, but as the Marine commander of the Wake Island occupation force communicated to Naval command as he faced overwhelming odds by a Japanese amphibious invasion, “ situation in doubt.”

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A Conservative adult, musician, small businessman, former single parent of 4 children who never asked for government assistance even during the recession of the 80's, I love my country, but do not trust the government. I worry for my country everyday and hope my fellow Americans will wake up.

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