Chris Christie’s Crumble

It has bothered me for awhile, the slow-but-apparent downfall of Chris Christie. The details are secondary and oddly contentious, but one cannot deny this: He once seemed an almost shoe-in for the Republican nomination, but now trails in the wake of Ben Carson and Mike Huckabee. My nagging question is, why?


When Jesse Jackson Jr had his various problems, it was mentioned that he had had gastric bypass surgery, years earlier. There was speculation (by nameless “medical expert”) that his substance problems were a possible result of the bariatric surgery, but not in the way one might think.

If food is a substance of abuse, as it is with many, gastric surgery can be a double-edge scalpel. If you have emotional issues that cause you to eat, the surgery isn’t going to fix that. Minus counseling and such, you’re just cutting off that source of comfort/self-medication. The speculation from CNN Expert was that Jackson Jr had turned to other substances, as a result.

I am NOT speculating that Christie has any such problems. However, it is a nagging coincidence that his deflation as a political figure has so neatly coincided with his post-surgical weight-loss. Maybe it’s no more complicated than the irritability of a perpetually-dieting person, which enhances an already difficult personality. Maybe we see and hear him differently, and turned a former asset into a liability. Or a combination of the two. The timeline bugs me, and this is my section of the puzzle.