President Obama You’re On The Wrong Side!

In lieu of the terrorist attacks at Charlie Hebdou, the savage incineration of a Jordanian military pilot on film, the beheadings of Americans by Jihadists abroad not to mention right here at home, Europe has mobilized! Law enforcement sweeps for terrorists are being conducted in France, Germany, and Greece. Jordan is hitting back hard at any cost against ISIL with furious air strikes at numerous targets! Yet, with the recent news of a young American woman relief worker from Prescott, Arizona, was adbucted by terrorists while giving medical aid to victims in Syria who has been killed, few expect any decisive action from the White House.

Actions speak louder than words

Every action taken by President Obama since the rise of Isis has been of denial, reluctance, refusal to acknowledge the seriousness of the threat, and even ignoring intelligence briefings first thing in the morning at the White House! Expunging words like “terrorist” “Jihad” “Islamists” and “Muslim” from the FBI reports depicting the events at Ft. Hood as Nidal Hassan fired on US troops screaming “Allahu Akbar” seems more on the list of priorities of the President than anything else.

Borders what borders?

The President insists on an amnesty program that is opening the floodgates to non-citizens who would violate our laws by crossing our borders without a Visa or being processed fora background check. Witnesses at our southern borders see huge influxes of illegal aliens, drug cartel members, children, and criminals fleeing the law from their own countries as border agents overwhelmed and understaffed bravely attempt to do their jobs. With terrorists clearly crossing our borders,the administration has maintained their legal interference with US states attempting to enforce federal immgration law. Our very won Department of Justice has been politicized to the point of intimidating those officials who want to see our laws enforced and the insanity stopped, but the White House does not tolerate those defending the US Constitution under the oath they took before holding office.

The real agenda

Using some 67 radicals and Islamic extremists as czars who are heavily influencing Washington from the inside and determining policy rather than the departments charged with that responsibility, our nation’s capitol is no longer representing the people of this country. President Obama’s agenda does not include Americans who are unemployed, struggling to make ends meet, and who are responsible citizens. Obama’s main thrust is his delusional obsession with Islam, his assistance to millions of illegal aliens, and his determined resolve to alter the demographics of the US population toward wards of the state who are the recipients of federal aid costing billions. In doing this the president seeks to transform the vote and forever change the political ideology of American leadership.

Obvious intentions

Ignoring the threat of domestic terrorism, it seems that President Obama is facilitating a massive attack by allowing the borders to go unguarded, to overwhelm the fiscal stability of the US monetary system by overloading it with massive benefits to foreign infiltrators who have not earned a living or paid taxes. This is not the oversight of an inept executive branch officer, but the intentional efforts undertaken by a commander in chief intent upon the destruction of the America that became a world leader through innovation, free enterprise, and the pursuit of freedom. Is it no wonder that so many people of the world want to be in the US seeking opportunity? But, at what cost?

Setting the stage

The president has headed efforts to lay off thousands of experienced officers from the military, he has seen to it that the US Naval Fleet is at pre-World War II levels in number of fighting ships, and he has discouraged the ICE from doing its job of deporting illegal aliens after detainment. These actions seem more than calculating. There are frighteningly traitorous, and the press corps along with the White House propaganda machine continue to churn out news that insults our intelligence. America is being systematically weakened, compromised, and sabotaged from within as the Muslim Brotherhood are invited for negotiations in our very own White House! The Muslim Brotherhood is the major organization uniting terrorist groups such as Hezbollah, Al Qaeda, and a host of others.

Stupifing denial

In fact, the White House announced recently that the Taliban, a major aggressor we fought against in the Middle East after 9-11 is not a terrorist organization! Yes, the Obama administration determined that the Taliban do not constitute being a terrorist threat to US national security! There are many historic examples of how great nations and empires have been laid to waste by the cunning tactics of traitors who used the classic Saul Alinksy strategy of lying, cheating, brain washing, destabilizing, and demoralizing societies that were peaceful and content. In 6 years President Obama has instilled social division, a massive overload of spending, and has aided and abetted our terrorist enemies in the world as the Middle East burns and US foreign relations flounder at all time lows. Under the blundering negotiations of the Obama White House State Department we can only ask not if but when will Iran develop it’s first nuclear weapon?

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A Conservative adult, musician, small businessman, former single parent of 4 children who never asked for government assistance even during the recession of the 80's, I love my country, but do not trust the government. I worry for my country everyday and hope my fellow Americans will wake up.

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