US History As It Really Is Without False Narratives Part II

When George Bush Sr. took office of the presidency, a war was looming with Iraq. The region strong man, Saddam Hussein, Dictator of Iraq, had already emerged from a bloody war with Iran, had continued persecuting the Kurdish tribes in the North, and had suspected weapons of mass destruction that his son supervised the manufacture of. Poisonous nerve gas had been unleashed upon villages many times under the rule of Hussein. When Hussein ordered his army against Kuwait and massive torture of civilians occurred as a result, war with Iraq was deemed inevitable.

Desert Storm looms

Given many chances to comply, Hussein and his regime ignored warnings as the US built up a coalition of allies and began staging arms, troops, and supplies in preparation for an expeditionary offensive, but first came the air war as Desert Storm unfolded. As the new technology of laser guided and real time camera monitored smart bombs destroyed bunkers, ammo dumps, airfields, and other strategic targets, it was clear that the third largest army in the world had no answer for American might. In weeks US Army armored columns smashed Iraqi resistance as Cobra attack helicopters penetrated inside enemy lines wiping out vehicle convoys and emplacements. US forces quickly overwhelmed the resistance and General Schwarzkopf careful to heed the lessons of Vietnam, led US forces to a quick victory. It was interesting to note that the US media was careful to warn against the war and did much to instill doubt and fear over such eventualities.

An unfair transition

President Bush Sr., former CIA Director, had restored relative peace to the Middle East and sent a direct message to terrorism worldwide that it would not be tolerated. At home he implemented economic measures to restore prosperity to the US as the housing market once again soars with interest rates lowering to accommodate qualified buyers. President Bush Senior was poised for a 2nd term except for the Democratic rising star governor of Arkansas, Bill Clinton. Under secret agreements with the Communist Chinese, Clinton’s campaign was funded into high gear for his run at the presidency. Even though he had committed a felony by taking foreign campaign donations, Clinton’s handlers made sure to alter the law concerning donations to keep him from being convicted of breaking the law.

Taking credit where credit was not due

With Clinton in office due to a slow economy under Bush that quickly heated up again under measures that had been taken months before Clinton took office, the Democrat in the White House was glad to take credit for the healthy commerce created by Bush’s actions. The Republican controlled Congress under Newt Gingrich resisted many attempts at spending and budget deficits under the Clinton White House as the president went about his program of military base closures to tighten up the defense spending. It is interesting to not that under Clinton the first World Trade Center terrorist attack happened to be followed 2 years later by the explosion at the Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City. Clinton’s prosecutors blamed patriot organizations and civilian militias as the perpetrators but conveniently refused to make public proven links to AL Qaeda by one of the two conspirators in the Oklahoma bombing.

Rewarding the enemy

Under William Jefferson Clinton’s watch significant threats to national security occurred and were allowed by his administration’s policies and negligence. The investigation to the Flight 800 attack of a civilian airliner never identified the true source of the terrorist act instead claiming a spark in the fuel tank from faulty wiring was responsible. Expert testimony disproved this faulty theory! Eye witness accounts described a what was a handheld rocket such as a Shrike Missile being launched from a small boat along the shore as the most likely source of the nefarious act. Under Clinton much of the investigative work of the FBI was politicized.

Endangering his own country

Under the Clinton White House a major breach in national security at Los Alamos occurred when computer hard drives containing crucial information about US missile technology and nuclear arsenals were divulged through espionage at the New Mexico government laboratory that had weaponized the atomic isotopes which led to the development of “Fat Man” and “Little Boy” the two nuclear bombs that ended World War II in the Pacific when Japan fell after the destruction of cities of Nagasaki and Hiroshima. Now China, who could not produce a successful missile to carry any effective payload with any accuracy, had advanced US technology! Clinton while in college had subscribed to the theory of the equalization of power through out the world by allowing arms development to be proliferated by whatever means necessary into the hands of whoever under the assumption that responsible policy would prevail.

An impeachment that never came

Thanks to William Jefferson Clinton who also allowed Bin Laden to escape while in custody of the Sudan government, a perilous future lay ahead for the American people as his success in his career outweighed any risks that would come to his own country as long he could further his ambitions. This he did with little sense of guilt while lying under oath over his sexual involvement with a staff member, Monica Lewinsky, on the people’s time while in the oval office as well as using tax payer’s money to bestow gifts upon her, another crime he committed! Yet, while proven to have lied to a grand jury under oath, an impeachable offense, the US media gave President Clinton a pass, and prosecutor Kenneth Star’s evidence was diminished in its importance as public opinion minimized a blatant violation of executive misconduct.

An unsettling future unfolds

Under President Clinton the true momentum of political correctness got underway. The wide chasm between Democratic Party socialism and Republican conservatism was created with the US media being used to soften the true implications of this dilemma in the eyes of the gullible America public. Through political correctness truth and lies intersected and the undermining of American federal government along with the ultimate decline of our society began taking shape under the follies of the Clinton White House. A treacherous future for America thanks to these events was now guaranteed.

Things to come

Under William Jefferson Clinton the American public got a taste of the kind of negligence and arrogance we now endure under the Obama presidency only perhaps a little less. Yet, it was under the Clinton White House that China gained a deadly foothold over the substantial technical advantage we held over them in weapons and deployment platforms. The dawn of a new era was fast coming. Americans knew little how the world could change forever in just a few minutes.

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