US History As it Really Is Without False Narratives Part I

Many Americans are struggling under the Obama Regime at this point in time. Some actually believe the rhetoric of the President and the falsified data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. They sincerely believe that a stagnant economy with retail sales down and retailers closing their doors while true unemployment is hidden under federal government redefinitions represents the true status of America according to Capitol Hill. Yet, the “Official Version” could not be further from the truth!

The sheep

As America teeters under the weight of imposed federal government mediocrity and police state tactics under the Obama White House, the US Constitution and conservative solutions to the dilemma are being distorted by the Democrats and the state controlled media. Only those people dissatisfied enough and unindoctrinated enough are able to distinguish the truth from the lies being fabricated to appease the low information voter into accepting the current fledgling status of our society as events in the world seem to swirl out of control!

Look back

For one to understand the current economic and political malaise of the United States we must go back in time to the Carter Administration then examine events that transpired toward the present so we can have a clear understanding beyond the lies being purveyed by the White House and our non-existent journalism that we once relied upon for the truth. The following will be a non-partisan view of historic events as they happened which proved crucial in shaping circumstances that we are forced to deal with today.

How history repeats itself

The US was in a steep recession in 1979 largely brought about by policies of the Jimmy Carter White House that have an amazing similarity to the rule under the Obama administration today. President Carter told Americans in no uncertain terms that our nation had to apologize to the rest of the world for our past conduct toward our allies and enemies. As a result, he said, Americans could expect a lesser quality of life and higher prices for goods and energy. Carter was right about one thing. Higher prices at the gas pump, a devaluing American dollar, and chaos in the Middle East that involved the Iranian Hostage Crisis as well as the crash of two US Army helicopters in a failed rescue attempt would become the norm. American journalists abroad were even caught stirring up Iranian protesters at the American Embassy in Iran.

The price of ineptitude

While American allies were being overthrown in the Middle East causing war and instability in the that region, President Carter’s inability to mitigate the White House failures became apparent as the economy continued to deteriorate. Continuing their liberal tactics and social engineering the Carter Administration pushed for the CRA (Community Re-investment Act) which sought to gain racial equality in the housing sector through a government backed loan program that made bad loans to minority home buyers who could not qualify for mortgages using conventional credit approval. This piece of legislation would not only ensure that US banks would absorb losses that the US government lending giants FREDDIE MAC and FANNIE MAE would lose billions over, but it would be a harbinger of things to come.

Ronald Reagan; man of the hour

After a third run at the presidency Ronald Reagan finally succeeded in his ascension to the oval office thus denying another 4 more disastrous years under Jimmy Carter. The once well known actor and conservative governor of California made a revolutionary announcement to the people that government was the problem and was responsible for the decline in the prosperity of the United States. By cutting taxes, simplifying the tax code, easing EPA regulation on industry, and making the US a more friendly business environment for American employers, President Reagan succeeded in remedying a failing US economy and creating more than 20 million US jobs! His conservative approach to injecting common sense in government that the people applied in their daily lives translated into a staggering economic recovery that has not been repeated to this day.

The results without the spin

Characterized as a senile old man by the press corps, lambasted in MTV videos, and targeted by stand up comedians, Ronald Reagan only received the credit due to him by being exonerated through American resurgence the world over. Under Reagan the Soviet Union collapsed and began acknowledging human rights violations. Under President Reagan those who had plotted against the US and had killed US armed services personnel would pay the price for their arrogance. Not only did President Reagan restore prestige for the US but also revitalized the military into a feared fighting force once again from the shambles it had become post Vietnam and under the Carter Administration.

Forgotten recipe for success

These same principals used by President Reagan to regain economic prosperity, by lowering taxes, allowing that windfall to be used by the American consumer to stimulate the economy and, in turn, create more jobs, was tantamount to the recipe that could be used today to the same effect. Less, taxes, less government intrusion, and less taxation allowed prosperity to enter into the lives of Americans once again along with the dignity that came with it. Yet, today liberals, the Obama White House, and the Democratic Party work hard to keep from adopting this proven formula for a successful recovery. Why? Because Demagogues like President Obama would rather use big out of control government, big spending, and the arrogant imposition of his will to rule the electorate, conveniently forgetting that our forefathers intended for the federal government to be for the people, by the people, and of the people according to the US Constitution.

In part II we will further explore US modern history as it was and not as portrayed by the federal government.

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A Conservative adult, musician, small businessman, former single parent of 4 children who never asked for government assistance even during the recession of the 80's, I love my country, but do not trust the government. I worry for my country everyday and hope my fellow Americans will wake up.

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