President Obama’s Cloward and Piven Agenda Part II

Curse upon the land

It is clear from examining the President’s incessantly destructive policies that his agenda is to inflict as much damage as possible upon the United States before he leaves his post in the oval office. The time for interpreting his actions as those of a naive zealot are over. The time for dismissing his conduct as that of an unrealistic academic is purely a waste of time! This president has demonstrated time and again despite his rhetoric that he is the most destructive Commander in Chief to ever set foot in the office, and, yet Congress, Senate, and the people do nothing to remove this scourge from continuing his vendetta against America.

National security? Low priority

Amnesty brings about a whole new set of problems for the system to deal with. President Obama has used the placement of illegal immigrants within the US to cause chaos, the transmission of diseases we have long stamped out, competition for domestic jobs in an already faltering economy, and a budgetary strain caused by awarding social security and welfare benefits to people from foreign lands who have not earned them! Whether it comes to placing 81,000 Somalis within the US paid for by US taxpayers, who are so violent that they could not get along with other people that they were relocated by the UN with, or forcing our border agents to act as a welcoming committee for foreigners who violate our laws and trespass on US soil, President Obama has used his office to sanction chaos!


Within the last few days, the president has once again unfailingly sponsored another waste of taxpayer’s dollars. He is now trying to appropriate 50 million in order to supply transgender illegal aliens with the hormone therapy they need. Interesting to note that our president is worried about the condition of illegal alien LBGT welfare when our wounded troops from Iraq and Afghanistan cannot get the treatment they need after returning from overseas conflicts! However, this is emblematic of the White House’s warped priorities. One can only ask when will the insanity stop?

Where did it go?

President Obama seeks to promote another bill. 487 billion dollars for the supposed infrastructure needed by the states for things like roads and bridges that sorely need repair. Yet, during the course of the 787 billion dollar bail out orchestrated in 2009 when Obama first took office, 5% was supposed to be allocated for public works and was never disbursed! Now more money left to the federal government to channel secretly into whatever slush funds or other purposes it can take advantage of?

Always an excuse to spend more!

It would seem that there is always a just cause each and every minute to justify another wasteful expense such as President Obama leaving more of his costly campaign missions. Once again dragging along his taxpayer funded entourage so that that he can escape being cooped up in the White House and take his costly roadshow on the campaign trail to give one of many of his fiery oratories over leftist rhetoric as this president would rather act as the community organizer (agitator) that he always loved being as opposed to acting as a responsible leader.

Personal excesses

If one would want to address the President’s lack of fiscal responsibility they need only look to his expensive and frequent family vacations to Hawaii or his celebrity fundraisers as well as his last minute trips to get his photo shot with yet another famous sports personality. When you consider just how astronomical it is to plan a trip for the president along with all the people, food, lodging, Secret Service agents, and so on, it is reprehensible to think that our president would thoughtlessly order such luxuries while so many Americans languish in unemployment, near poverty, or live in communities experiencing social unrest thanks to the encouragement of the White House!

How to prolong the inevitable?

As the President rolls out his 4 trillion dollar budget before Congress and the Senate one can only hope that he will be stopped! President Obama has continually treated fiscal responsibility with denial and indifference. To observe how this faux leader promotes one budgetary burden after another upon a US dollar that grows more and more into a worthless fiat currency destined to collapse we can only ask ourselves how long this self-defeating circus can last.

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A Conservative adult, musician, small businessman, former single parent of 4 children who never asked for government assistance even during the recession of the 80's, I love my country, but do not trust the government. I worry for my country everyday and hope my fellow Americans will wake up.

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