President Obama’s Cloward Piven Agenda Part I

Anyone who is relatively knowledgeable about politics would know who professors Cloward and Piven were and that they co-authored a plan to overwhelm the American governmental system in order to forcibly accommodate the poor in this country. That plan would be to introduce so much over spending legislation and bills that caused grid lock within the federal government that a crisis would result. That crisis would be a breakdown of the system thanks to fiscal suicide. This theoretically would lead to a restructuring that would see the federal government sending out checks to the poor so that there would no longer be homeless or starving people in America thanks to the overload caused by their strategy!

The strategy of destruction

This Cloward Piven strategy is a naive and typically Communist class warfare approach to forcing equality among the masses. If one takes a quick look in the history books they will find that Communism does not and has not worked anywhere in the world. It has resulted in the oppression of the individual, government sanctioned genocide, the kind of redistribution of wealth that leaves everyone in the society poor except for the elitist class that sits atop the socialist regime and implores the peasants to worship them as Gods! The shortages and pitfalls of Communism are well known even as progressives today feverishly attempt to rewrite history and make heroes of the very dictators who slaughtered millions in their quest for a collectivist utopia! Canonizing the Mao Zehdongs, the Stalins, the Castros, and the Lenins of the world will not take back the lives of all those they ordered killed or who rotted in gulags due to their beliefs instead of their crimes.

The young collectivists

Today we have a new generation of coat and tie socialists who cling to a schizoid romanticism with the myth of government sanctioned utopia and will force everyone beneath them through lies, propaganda, and false narratives to accept the collectivist deception that will force everyone to live on a level playing field! In pushing this flawed agenda we have President Obama who feels that America has abused its great influence in the world and thus should be forced to capitulate and even apologize for things like industrializing the world, sharing western culture through out the globe, and demonstrating what American exceptionalism is all about!

From the beginning

President Obama, who entered America as a foreign student using a federal educational grant has never empathized with Americans. Raised by radical parents who despised the American dream, this president has done everything in his power to disrupt the nation, yet there are still too many who cannot readily see this fact. Through the indoctrination inherent in our public school systems we now have students so oblivious to the truth that they cannot even distinguish between a Communist regime and a Democracy! Blinded by such concepts as “Social Justice” a Marxist concept our young have progressed onto to campuses where radical leftist professors go on to teach their hatred for the American system of free enterprise and self reliance, of accountability and objective reality. For them, only a consensus that they agee upon is acceptable. If they have to marginalize education and impose their bias to do that they will.

His vendetta

From the very beginning he was in office Barack Hussein Obama has imposed his will upon the people of this country and has refused to acknowledge the US Constitution. He has prompted uncontrolled spending, he has created social division, and he has promoted fiscal irresponsibility in government. Everything he criticized President George Bush for such as budgets, unemployment figures, and the management of overseas conflicts, Obama has been even worse in handling. The transparency theme that he campaigned on became a myth once he and Democrats forced government controlled health care using backdoor deals and billions of federal dollars to bribe states into ratifying the measure.

New revelations of failure

To see President Obama implementing Cloward and Piven tactics simply note his fiscal assault upon the nation. It was just announced days ago that Obamacare will now cost the nation 2 trillion dollars in the next 10 years. Initially, the lie sold to the people was that it would cost 940 billion over a decade, but the President had already stolen 716 billion from the Medicare Trust to initiate nationalized medicine! More than 1/6 of the US economy will be held hostage by a government managed health insurance plan that is too costly, and will penalize the healthy to provide rationed care for the sick and elderly! As time goes on the taxes required to support this plan will escalate to unsupportable levels as costs sky rocket!

Incapable of fiscal control

The President has caused 2 debt ceiling crises exceeding the budget limits for federal funding and blaming the GOP for causing a possible government shutdown while it was his fiscal irresponsibility that created the problem in the first place! All the while the president was on another of his nation wide campaigns to promote his 50 billion dollar jobs program, one of the few of his designs that the Republican Congress chose to stop! Yet the assault against the American system goes on as the US media continues to support this president no matter how bad his leadership, and an addled American public continues to allow this nonsense to go on!

In part II we will further explore this incredible perversion as it persists despite all warning signs!

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A Conservative adult, musician, small businessman, former single parent of 4 children who never asked for government assistance even during the recession of the 80's, I love my country, but do not trust the government. I worry for my country everyday and hope my fellow Americans will wake up.

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