Obama’s State of Confusion Address

The Obama State of Confusion Message

Have State of The union Messages ever been that meaningful and significant in the past, or were they just boring monologues by sitting presidents? Well, when President Obama takes the stage for this particular address to a GOP majority Congress and Senate we will hear nothing but rhetoric, we can be assured. Did the president get it after the beating that the Democrats took in the mid term election back in November? Doubtful. He has not acknowledged anything other than sticking to his agenda of plunging America further into a state of confusion!

Class warfare plain and simple

Many anticipate his “Robin Hood” address as delivering once again another of his proposals for more spending under the guise of aid to the dwindling Middle Class of America to whose downfall he has contributed to greatly! Once again the president leads the charge to class warfare telling us that the rich must pay their fair share! When 50% of Americans don’t pay tax because they are wards of the state or unemployed, Obama will be targeting the upper 1% whom he claims just keep getting richer at the expense of the poor whom they continually capitalize upon! Socialism, Communism, Collectivism, don’t work. History has proven that time and time again.

Blind to the truth
President Obama continually proves just how little he comprehends economics as he makes the federal government the center of the universe for all aspects of the lives of Americans. The truth is the truth be told is that the upper 1% of the world who will end up owning half or more of it are governments! Not individuals or corporations, as the typical propaganda always points their finger to. The US government owns more land than any segment of business or industry in the country. They make the taxpayer foot the bill for managing it while the Democrats prevent oil and gas exploration so that perhaps this huge asset on the balance sheet of the fed could perhaps begin paying for itself, but never ever let our government run under the aegis of fiscal responsibility like any business would have to!
Grand illusion

People buy into the illusion of government as a deity that solves all social problems and is intended to while the exact opposite is true. The government does not generate income,to be assured, it confiscates the earnings of its citizens and companies then builds a bureaucracy out of those funds only allowing a trickle of that tax to ever get to the source of its intended purpose. Government never answers to competition like any self respecting public sector business would so it never has to be efficient or accountable as regulations and laws shield it from operating as any responsible entity would. What does this mean? It means that big government, more taxes, and more laws stifle innovation and self reliance among the citizens.

Can an ideologue realize?

Whether President Obama realizes it or not, the public sector, small business, is the generator of the American economy, yet government policy continually gnaws away at the one source of tried and true capitalism that works without the benefit of lobby or big government subsidies that many corporations are able to get from Congressman and Senators! America achieves prosperity in spite of the stupidity of its overbearing federal government and all the corporations and wards of the state that use it to punish those who earn and who are fiscally responsible! Our wise forefathers predicted that the Constitutional republic they gave to future generations of Americans would be under assault, under the Obama regime we are seeing that!

The original intent

Freedom of the individual to pursue his own happiness, freedom from a government that robs our liberties. With guaranteed rights, a small manageable government that serves the people, and a decentralized form of government granted on city, county, and state levels without federal interference were the cornerstones developed by the framers of the US Constitution and they did this under great threat to themselves and their families as they were seen as traitors by King George’s royal parliament. Their vision was guiding light that thrust 13 fledgling colonies into being the greatest world power for the force of good in the history of mankind, and yet the left has always sought to disrupt this great legacy with the poison of fascist government dictating what it thinks is best for the people.

The Big Lie

America flourished without the rule of a monarch! America became great because the individual laid claim to his right to seek better products, wealth, quality of life, and security for the sake of his family within the framework of a Constitutional republic, not a Democracy, not a dictator’s regime, not a socialist empire! Yet, we have a President and an administration who flaunt the great heritage of American exceptionalism everyday with an arrogant disdain that exceeds all logic and historic wisdom! The State of The Union given by President Obama will entail the same affront to the American way of life that he has advocated since the beginning of his corrupt administration. Nothing more and nothing less, will characterize Obama’s soliloquy. Hopefully Americans who can endure the address will be able to see through the “Big Lie” and think for themselves.

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A Conservative adult, musician, small businessman, former single parent of 4 children who never asked for government assistance even during the recession of the 80's, I love my country, but do not trust the government. I worry for my country everyday and hope my fellow Americans will wake up.

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