French Freedom, American Apathy

The President of the United States, the leader of the modern world when it comes to freedom and liberty, didn’t have time to stand with our Israeli and European brothers in France a few days ago.

‘Just say no,’ to freedom and liberty.

And why would he? As a Liberal, Barack Obama believes in freedom and liberty . . . for only those of the ‘correct’ view.

For instance.

Obama signed an executive order – because, of course, members of Congress (The People) are against it – an anti-discrimination law which prohibits businesses with a Federal contract from discriminating against anyone. That includes gays. So, according to Obama, if your Holy and Almighty God that you worship and consider more important than even your loved ones tells you that you must not accept homosexuality, well, in the Presidents opinion, do it anyway.

In His Holy, inerrant, and divinely binding Word – uh, God’s, not Obama’s – He says in Romans 1: 26 & 27,

. . . even their women exchanged natural sexual relations for unnatural ones. In the same way the men also abandoned natural relations with women and were inflamed with lust for one another. Men committed shameful acts with other men, and received in themselves the due penalty for their error.

So, in my business for which I worked hard to build, I prefer to follow His Holiness – uh, God’s, not Obama’s – and do as He says.

Too bad, says Obama. If you live here in my America, gotta give up that God thing. My word first, God’s second.

“You didn’t built that.”

Obama also thought it useful to ignore freedom and liberty and invade the privacy of innocent American citizens. According to The Washington Post, the President is a bit of a Violator in Chief,

New revelations that Obama’s Justice Department secretly obtained phone records of AP journalists, including home and cell phones, have served to highlight the administration’s aggressive approach to the press – targeting reporters who have benefited from government leaks and the officials suspected of providing them.

Is it any wonder Obama ignores such freedoms when he voted against the Born Alive Act in Chicago when he was a senator there? Just to remind, that was legislation that would force hospitals and abortion mills to give medical help to a baby that was ‘born alive’ even though the baby was originally slated to be killed but lived through the botched procedure.

Obama thought it best for all involved to let the child lay on a gurney and die of exposure.

“. . . LIFE, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”

Speaking of his Chicago senate days, long before running for President he did an interview there, detailing some of his ideas regarding freedom and liberty. In the interview, Forbes has it that Obama,

“. . . spoke candidly and deliberately about how to “break free” of Constitutional constraints against redistribution to provide “economic justice.”

For Barack Obama and his Leftist ilk, the Constitution is not a wall of protection against totalitarianism, it is an obstacle in bringing about the Socialistic America they dream of.

So again, given all that, why on earth would Obama stand with our fraternal freedom fighters in France?

In fact, with all of Obama’s statements on how those poor Islamics that commit all these acts of terrorism are so driven to such violent extremes by our evil historically execrable America, he might even look a bit out of place next to Benjamin Netanyahu, Mahmoud Abbas, and all the French people that love the freedom America helped bring about by defeating the Nazis and Tojo’s Japan.

Thanks but no thanks, Barack, should be the response of the French people.

After all, that’s what the majority of the American people said to him last November 4th.

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