Further Implications Of Terrorism In Paris

New information is emerging on the terrorist killers responsible for the deaths in Paris at Charles Hebdo, the hostage taking at the French store, and the murder of 2 French policeman that have caused such chaos over the last 3 days. As it turns out these operatives were under surveillance or had been arrested by authorities only to be released back into French society in the case of the three terrorists responsible for the incident at the Charlie Hebdo. Due to France maintaining its policy of no death penalty is it not likely that these terrorist killers were emboldened. It has also come to light that the NSA had call records of those the French terrorists were having contact with.

Abundant intelligence evidence

MI5 Director General, Parker, made a statement on Thursday saying that at least 600 British citizens have left the UK to join forces with Syrian terrorists. According to intelligence chief new strikes are being planned against Western nations from Syria and this group most likely has ties to Al Qaeda. Recent attacks in Canada, Belgium, and Australia were planned by terrorist groups in Syria. Massive casualty attacks are slated for the America, Great Britain, and other western countries.

The liberal agenda

What has made these types of attacks possible through out the world from Europe to Australia as well as the United States according to one spokesman in the UK is due to the unrestricted immigration and multiculturalism allowed by liberal policies in nations that have exercised naivety instead of acknowledging intelligence reporting that points to the threat of terrorist networks who have been organizing in societies that have liberal immigration policies. For some reason news networks as well as government officials have maintained denial over Muslim extremist involvement in these horrid crimes. With Islamist caused acts of terrorism worldwide we still have a general refusal by authorities to use the word Muslim in connection with deadly terrorist acts.

Deliberate denial

President Obama and his administration as well have refused to identify the recent string of murderous terrorist acts as Muslim extremist related . As a matter of fact, President Obama plans to allow the immigration of as many as 80 thousand Syrians into the US! Regardless of the eruption of deadly violence that has been prevalent the world over. When even Christian organizations such as Catholics and Baptists are getting paid millions with federal grants to relocate the illegal immigrants from Guatemala and other Central American countries our federal government has been bribing the very conservative sources that should be opposed to this activity.

Media complicity

With such news networks as CNN and MSNBC refusing to identify radical Islam as the source of worldwide terrorism we can be assured that a dangerous influx of killers using Jihad as justification will be allowed to thoroughly infiltrate our society and will wreak havoc thanks to our President, our state controlled news agencies, and the liberal mindset. We already have an uncontrolled influx over the Mexican border that has gone on unchecked thanks to the White House and we can only guess how many of these illegals are ISIS, al-Qaeda, HAMAS, and the Muslim Brotherhood operatives waiting for the chance to cause coordinated attacks against US citizens and infrastructure.

Damning conclusion

All this poses the question, are our own government and news services actually taking part in a conspiracy to create mass casualties and destruction in America? Is this just the product of naïve liberal misperception? No. One cannot objectively correlate all of these facts without drawing the damning conclusion that our President and administration are guilty of engineering a disaster in our country. Because our co-opted Democratic Party, leftist factions, and traitor GOP leaders such as John Boehner who simply don’t care or have been blackmailed are all involved in planning the end of our nation as we know it. They want America embroiled in the same kind of rioting, looting, and insane violence against the innocents that exists among the third world nations. Our President has no compunction in doing this, our Senate and Congress refuse to stop him, and our press corps are complict in aiding and abetting this horrid scenario.

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