True Implications of Terrorist Act in Paris

Paris France was the scene of another horrific radical Islamist act of terrorism this morning as 12 people were brutally gunned down at the Charlie Hebdo Magazine Offices. According to reports and security camera footage two of the magazine’s cartoonists were called out by name in perfect French by the masked gunmen. This in itself illustrates the fact that these terrorists were not Middle Eastern in nationality, but converted Frenchmen who committed these murders. A French policeman was shot in the head as he knelt and begged for his life. All because Muslims cannot tolerate the satire of cartoons as they persecute and slaughter Christians and others all over Africa and the Middle East.

A worldwide scourge

Europe, France, and the UK have been inundated with unlimited Muslim immigration residency. The resulting influence in recent years aside from the politically correct atmosphere inherent in the liberal European nations which has included gun control of the people as well as many of the police forces has been a passive stance on the growing malevolence of radical Islamist doctrine. Rather than dealing with it head on and arresting the perpetrators and investigating the recruitment of citizens into being Muslim terrorists, the authorities have chosen to deny the potential threats using the typical rationale that comes with liberal capitulation. Muslims have been allowed to pressure the government and people into compromising freedom of expression through intimidation and exclusion. The growing presence of intolerance and Sharia Law in recent years has tainted public policy and government law making.

The threat

Citizens being able to speak out against radical Islam have been suppressed or threatened. The ominous influence has infiltrated every aspect of public life in Europe and now the more deadly aspects of this evil have been allowed to grow to a point of open violence against even comics and cartoons that will not be tolerated by radical Islam. Thousands of Europeans have left to go fight for ISIS in Iraq and allowed to return to their countries without the threat of investigation or prosecution by western authorities. The threat of radical Islam has been watered down by the media, denied by the governments, and innocently portrayed by the hardliner radicals who are ready to implement harsh reactionary reprisals whenever they want.

Enabling the enemy

The result has been police forces who are unarmed and ill equipped to deal with sudden and brutal acts of terrorism as demonstrated by the French police officer who had no firearm to aid the victims nor protection for himself when he was summarily shot by one of the terrorist gunmen while pleading for his life. This is what happens when leftist influence allows the build up of the enemy without meeting the threat or acknowledging the potential hostility that is being permitted to fester under the passive policies of liberal governments who choose to ignore the escalating atmosphere of radical Islamic infiltration into society.

The enemy here at home

What does this have to do with America? How do these events mirror our own growing confrontation with a threat that looms larger each and everyday? 9-11 within the US was just a taste of what the rest of the world has experienced under radical Islam. Yet, rather than being alerted and ready for the Muslim terror threat our FBI has been ordered to stand down when it comes to investigating Mosques in the communities where they know recruitment and distribution of radical materials are going on thanks to Eric Holder and what he has done to the Department of Justice. Now Tea Party members are being targeted by the FBI and Homeland Security as threats of terrorism. Servicemen returning from Iraq and Afghanistan are being monitored by US authorities while Islamist’s go unchecked.

White House interference

Our police departments have been attacked by the federal government as being bigoted and racist killers. Our President and Mayor of New York City have made accusatory remarks about our police officers who are now under attack by the very thugs that have been invited into the White House by Obama after rioting in Ferguson, Missouri. This is the new America under the progressive rule of the Democrats who honor the guilty while vilifying those tasked with protecting our cities and streets.

When citizens become the threat

As the Obama White House orders the ICE to release detainees and Homeland Security concentrates its efforts to investigate the Tea Party, US war veterans, and Christian organizations, ISIS members flow across the US southern borders from Mexico looking like Latinos, but with a very different agenda! What has happened to America under the insanity of the Obama administration? CAIR named as an unindicted co-conspirator among other convicted terrorists offices on Capitol Hill. Millions of US taxpayers dollars have been donated to HAMAS by the Obama regime!

Disarming the innocent

Still the call for gun control by the US media rings out like a shot from a terrorist’s AK-47! Still the call for gun control imposed upon US citizens and even police departments is being echoed from the Obama White House. many skeptics say it will never happen here. Many Sleepwalkers say another 9-11 is impossible and that uncontrolled amnesty forced upon us by the executive order of President Obama will not bring with it the chaos we are seeing in the third world countries where terrorist acts take the lives of innocents with frightening frequency!

Western reluctance

Not only the Obama White House but many governments of the western world are denying the implications of radical Islamic threat bringing about death and destruction at will thanks to the dismissive attitudes and political correctness of liberal politicians, citizens of the world who refuse to respect national sovereignty along with the right to free speech by others besides the “Islamo Nazis” as dubbed by radio talk show host, Michael Savage, who sees further tragedies allowed to erupt under the stupidity of liberal western government policies toward unrelenting terrorist factions of the Middle East such as ISIS.

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