Boehner Wins Again- Hooray for the House Boy

John Boehner has held onto his position as Speaker of the House when his challengers, Louie Gohmert (Tx) and Ted Yoho (Fl) failed to get enough votes by their fellow House Republicans to oust him. They needed at least 29 members to vote in opposition to the incumbent and last I heard, there was only 28. With a recent poll of 60% of Republicans who voted in the last election (the one that rejected Obama’s and Reid’s socialism) wanting Boehner gone, it seems that the GOP isn’t listening.

So what else is new?

Happens every time. Republican candidates campaign on truly Conservative issues, pounding the podium to splinters with their haughty harangue of ‘Getting back to Conservative values,’ and ‘We need to get rid of Obama’s Leftist big government politics’ then when they’re in office it’s, “Well now, hold on, we donb’t need to go off half cocked, here.”

Let’s take a look at why Boehner’s fellow Republicans in the House would want to keep him as Speaker –

John Boehner told the American people that he would not impeach President Obama, in his words, “We have no plans to impeach the president.”

Now, before you “go off half cocked” and get your back up against our current spaghetti-spined Speaker (that’s cooked spaghetti, by the way), let’s see the President has done anything that deserves impeachment.

Wouldn’t be because Obama had the IRS go after Conservative American citizens by targeting them specifically for audits and other harassment.

No no, Mr. Speaker, no High Crime and Misdemeanor there.

It wouldn’t be his gunrunning project under his Attorney General, Eric Holder, which resulted in the death of dozens of innocent Mexican citizens. After all, only one American was murdered because of that Federal flub. Just one, that’s all, only one. Nothing to see here, move along, people.

How about The Affordable Care Act (Obamacare)? No need for impeachment over that, although it did mandate an unconstitutional strong-arming by the Federal Government demanding money from the citizenry for insurance or suffer fines and penalties if they weren’t paid.

Of the Government, By the Government, For the Government, blah, blah, blah . . .

No victims of murder there, just a simple benign embezzlement.

Oh sure, Obama lied to the American people about it with all that, “If you like your healthcare plan, you can keep your healthcare plan” and, “If you like your doctor, you can keep you doctor.”

Would intentionally lying to the citizens be a High Crime and Misdemeanor?

Maybe his views on the phrase “keep your healthcare plan” had been “evolving” like his views on gay marriage.

Oh well, why quibble over the small stuff?

Besides, Boehner would have to impeach himself with that one since he was arm-in-arm with the President on the bill.

How about the NSA spying fiasco? So some data were collected, so a few emails were read, so what? Just think of all the data and personal emails of citizens that weren’t read. Run the numbers. Bet it was more. Impeachable?


And finally, can we consider the Benghazi disaster to be worth removing our current Communist in Chief. That led to the deaths of four Americans due directly, I think, to Obama’s order to “stand down” when two of the victims, brave soldiers that they were, went ahead and acted, giving their lives to save their fellow embassy collegues. Where’s the High Crime or Misdemeanor there? Come on, people, what’s all the fuss? Just do the math! Almost 300 million people in the US and a mere tiny minuscule 4 Americans are killed because of Obama’s screw up? What’s the percentage, there? Can’t be much.

No, we need the rock solid, iron fisted, Constitutionally driven John Boehner. Without him, we’d probably be back in that crazy Reagan era of low taxes and freedom-filled prosperity, when the Constitution was far more relevant for our country.

Now I ask you, what self-respecting RINO Establishment Republican would want that?

Perish the thought!

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