White House Wrap Up Year 2014 Part III

The incredible blunders and intentional sabotage of America under the Obama White House in the year of 2014 alone is almost too numerous to document in one series of articles, but I will endeavor to do so. That such a successive fabrication of crises could be allowed to transpire without intervention of the judicial system or the action taken by our legislature epitomizes just how compromised our system of government has become. Either members of Congress have been blackmailed, are actually disinterested in governing according to the law, or that we are witnessing the illusion of a nonexistent two-party system is unfortunately evident.

Threatening public health

As if the constant eruption of one useful crisis after another was not enough, in came the Ebola debacle from West Africa. With thousands dying of the deadly hemorrhagic fever and immigrants making illegal flights to escape the outbreak into the US at 150 passengers per day, the president did little to enact safety measures to protect the American people. As doctors and nurses both violated epidemiological protocols and did not voluntarily quarantine themselves, the fiasco continued unabated with decisive action by the administration ignored for the sake of politically correct insanity!

Sheer lunacy

The CDC made mistakes allowing one nurse in Dallas with a temperature and symptoms to fly on a jet airliner exposing more than a hundred passengers. Workers entered the apartment of a dead Ebola victim from West Africa in Dallas without using hazmat procedures. Local county judge, Clay Jenkins, took the opportunity to make a politically correct idiotic decision to call those medical personnel who had violated safety procedures heroes! He even made sure that one Vietnamese nurse’s dog was entered into a facility once it was determined the animal had the Ebola virus, that resembled a household in order to relieve the dog’s separation anxiety!

Too little too late?

Five Dallas area independent school districts used disinfecting procedures at the elementary schools that were shut down where 5 children exposed to a victim who lied to authorities and left West Africa on a flight to the Metroplex. This man died after exposing his family and over 60 medical workers to the deadly Ebola virus. Yet, emergency precautionary measures were ignored as hospitals admittedly got insufficient or contradictory indications from the CDC.

Looming disaster

As more doctors return to different countries such as Spain with Ebola symptoms after working in West Africa we can be assured that the insane lack of travel bans and quarantine procedures will cause more deaths. We can also be assured that new cases will invariably go unannounced by the press or even misdiagnosed as has been the case with the bungling efforts of the CDC. Time and again President Obama faced with threats to public safety will choose a politically advantageous solution every time needlessly risking lives. It is purely by luck that a major outbreak did not take hold in the US even though further bungling by authorities could very well set it off. Why were flights in and out of West Africa never banned as had been the practice of other nations concerned with isolating the deadly spread of the virus?


At the tail end of 2014 with the biggest upset of the Democratic Party ever suffered by the blue state lawmakers the GOP under Speaker of the House, John Boehner and Mitch McConnell blew an incredible opportunity. They could have defunded Obamacare! They could have paralyzed the EPA’s assault on business hiring. They could have severely limited Emperor Obama’s dictatorial hand at forcing the American people beneath his will. The president once again even defeated the Republican proposal to get the Keystone Pipeline legislation completed. Yet, John Boehner and Mitch McConnell with a huge majority behind them once again showed the cowardice of Congress.

Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory

With an unequaled opportunity in perhaps all of US history, John Boehner pushed his Cromnibus Bill through Congress and the Senate at the last minute and funded everything that the GOP candidates campaigned against and proclaimed they would stand against in order to turn the decline of this country around! They even funded Obama’s executive amnesty order! Once again the Constitutional Republic of the United States was pounded into submission by the intentional failure of it’s political leadership to uphold the laws and legislation that could easily turn our nation around! Capitulation and sabotage has been the emblematic of the last six years as the president and his White House continue their assault unabated by a Congress and Senate that are in a massive GOP majority!

The unsavory truth

One can only arrive at the conclusion that these events have been aimed at the heart of the American citizenry in complete contradiction to our Constitution and Bill of Rights as the true government of an elite few call the shots from the shadows while Capitol Hill continues the illusion of business as usual when it is anything but! Our nation is intentionally being driven over the edge of a cliff of fiscal mismanagement, social division, economic destruction, and moral decay as our foreign enemies wait for their opportunity to create havoc inside the US once they cross our borders! Our president and his administration have led a concerted effort to stab the American citizen in the back and rob us of our inalienable rights as our sovereignty dissolves under federally sanctioned destruction! All this as the people sleep at the wheel!

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A Conservative adult, musician, small businessman, former single parent of 4 children who never asked for government assistance even during the recession of the 80's, I love my country, but do not trust the government. I worry for my country everyday and hope my fellow Americans will wake up.

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