Thoughts on 2014 In America

The United States is a Constitutional Republic above and beyond all other misleading labels. Democracy is really an inaccurate term when applied to this nation. That we have representatives at all levels of government from city, to county, to state, and finally to the federal level means that we American citizens are supposed to be represented by our elected officials who reflect the will of the people. So that we do not have to sit collectively in session on Capitol Hill to witness each and every piece of legislation and law that is passed we leave this task to our elected officials.

Citizen apathy

However, in absence of our purview, in the gullible assumption that our best interests would be served, we have allowed our public servants to become our masters! Instead of a representative government that recognizes the will of the people and acknowledges its place as being a servant our Democratic Party leaders have arrogantly conducted back door deals to put such monstrosities as nationalized medicine into law all the while lying about the costs. We have allowed the lies of the GOP to permeate our trust telling us that they would fight in our behalf and defeat Obamacare, but instead they lied and passed the funding for it.

Bypassing Congress

We have a president who has acted as a dictator using executive privilege, executive orders, or executive memoranda, to force through laws that are not only counter productive but destructive to the American way of life. This president has instructed the ICE to release more than a half million illegal aliens held in detention back into the general population of the US. Many of these people are convicted criminals, fugitives from justice, terrorists, or simply violating our laws by entering our borders without being processed and identified! The fact that this undermines the national security of America apparently has little meaning to President Obama as he is not worried about the safety of the American citizen.

Suspect candidate

That we allowed a controversial figure like President Barack Hussein Obama to become president of the US when his past was a mystery, when his Constitutional qualifications were in doubt from the very beginning, and this was legal investigative evidence to prove these doubts leads one to conclude that the United States of America is under siege from within. It leads us down the path of a sad realization that treason is being committed by a number of elected officials who have no real love of their country nor do they feel a responsibility to the citizens of this great nation!

Sabotaged from within

When the basic underlying problems that exist today all stem from the federal government flaunting the US Constitution and declaring open warfare on all conservatives everywhere in America, what is happening should be very clear. When Speaker of the House John Boehner and other establishment Republicans are trying to oust Tea Party elected senators like Ted Cruz. Marco Rubio, Mike Lee, and Rand Paul when it is the job of the GOP to serve as an opposition party to the co-opted Democratic Party, something is deathly wrong here in America! Our government is betraying the cause and the people it is supposed to serve!

Ignoring the answers

When the simple solution to many of our problems in America fiscally, socially, morally, economically, and diplomatically is compliance with the US Constitution and our own President and members of Congress, the Senate, and the Supreme Court refuse to acknowledge this, it should be clear to everyone that schemes are afoot. A blasphemy is underway that never should have been allowed to succeed. While the people sleep drugged by social media, the lies of the press corps, the superficial preoccupations of TV, ball games, cell phones, their nation is being snatched from under their feet.

Recipe for disaster

In 1948 Czechoslovakia was taken over by the Soviet Union without firing a shot. Its government was infiltrated by socialists, its officials were replaced with unpatriotic pundits who served no useful purpose, its educational system was radicalized, the military was gutted, and their economy was sabotaged. By the time Soviet tanks rolled into to normalize the streets of the country Czechoslovakia was already in the hands of its enemies. A bloody coup was not needed the people had slept through the overthrow of their own nation, lulled into submission by the lies of Communism. The fall of that Communist satellite country became the blueprint for future Soviet expansionism.

Look around

Ask yourself as you look around you. Your president pours gasoline on the fires of racial unrest and allows thugs to meet with him in the White House. The mayor of the largest city in America denounces his own crack police force alleging bigotry when that organization is well segregated. Our political leaders are guilty of sedition. Our federal government’s spending is out of control! Our enemies abroad show no fear of the US military and are making disturbing gains in the Middle East. At home our churches are under attack by a federal justice system that refuses conduct surveillance Islamic Mosques where terrorists are known to be recruited! Yet, our own soldiers are being harassed for exercising their right of prayer to the Christian God.

Is this your America?

Our police are under attack by thugs emboldened by a President who refuses to speak out against the violence and communities who refuse to accept responsibility for their own crimes. The streets we once trusted as being guarded by our men in police uniform have become a battleground. Our communities are now the province of looters and rioters once lawmen are forced to do their job under the false accusation of community organizers like Barack Hussein Obama and the phony Reverend Al Sharpton, who calls for killing our policeman. Is this the America you know and grew up in? Is this the America that our own federal government created despite the will of the people? Ask yourself how much longer we can endure, and ask yourself just how long are you going to sit in your chair and take it? Should people from other countries who are not US citizens be allowed across our borders to receive social security benefits, welfare, and food stamps at the expense of US taxpayers? Think.

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A Conservative adult, musician, small businessman, former single parent of 4 children who never asked for government assistance even during the recession of the 80's, I love my country, but do not trust the government. I worry for my country everyday and hope my fellow Americans will wake up.

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