White House Wrap Up For Year 2014 Part II

Under White House rule in 2014 America experienced more of bitter taste of decline as President Obama and his administration continued failed policies and their destructive collectivist agenda. Proclaiming that they had achieved victory over unemployment by celebrating the same margins that they had criticized the previous Bush Administration for having during their tenure, the deception went on and the low information voter continued to be exploited.

Hypocrisy of leftist rule

Under First Lady, Michelle Obama’s direction school lunches became more and more unpopular as public school students threw their lunches in the trash. When public schools had once provided burgers, pizza, and fried chicken to satisfy the hungry growing minds of pupils now they were forced to accept a menu of fruit salads and vegan alternatives to meat protein foreign to their palates under the vision of the First Lady who often indulged in chili burgers, fat fries, and chocolate ice cream sundaes while on one of many vacations paid for by the us taxpayer! As we well know hypocrisy on the left is always tolerated by liberals and the US media.

Kill the police

On a united front to lead a nationwide campaign of mistrust and outright hostility toward our police departments, we saw 2014 became an era of government sanctioned assault upon the trusted lawmen who provide our first line of defense against crime. With the aid of hate mongers such as Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and the idiocy of remarks by Mayor DeBlasio of New York City, communities burned. Despite the findings of Grand Juries exonerating the fatal encounters caused by black thugs assaulting officers and defying the law, classic tactics of agitation were deployed in Ferguson, Missouri as well as cities like Oakland, St.Louis, and New York to name a few.

Unbecoming of a leader

President Obama faced with the right thing to do in quelling unrest in the streets of our cities instead chose to meet with protest leaders inviting them into the White House as rioters and looters were allowed to burn down minority businesses and police cars in Ferguson. With the execution style murder of 2 minority policeman while in their squad car in NYC we can look to the President of the United States along with his fellow hate mongers like AG Eric Holder as having the blood of those policemen on their hands as those committing criminal acts such as Michael Brown and Eric Gardner become martyrs even when they break the law.

Government sanctioned unrest

When the Executive branch of the federal government condones destruction in our communities by hostile protest factions and gives blacks in America the impression that their crimes will be overlooked by a White House sending out the wrong message, you can bet that the foundation for rebellion is being laid. According to such experts on instigating insurrection in countries targeted for Communist takeover by the former Soviet Union, former defected KGB agent Yuri Bezmenov presented his case that America was well underway to succumbing to such tactics as far back as the 1980’s. Yet, under the hypnotic trance of the liberal media of the US, the low information voter embraces the “Big Lie”.

Using false allegations of racism

If social unrest isn’t enough, ignited by the inflammatory remarks of our Democratic Party leaders along with black hatemongers who would like to turn back the clock 40 years, the growing danger of the deteriorating state of US foreign policy threatens a possible third world war! Under Secretary of State, John Kerry, negotiations for the oversight of the growing atomic stockpile Iran claims is needed for their nuclear reactor program ominously grows unchecked. As Iran has announced over and over again that it is committed to the annihilation of the Jewish State it is obvious Secretary Kerry is out of his depth as no effective policy to stop the possible weaponization of nuclear material seems evident by the White House.

Peril in the Middle East

Once Iran has achieved its goal of achieving its much desired nuclear arsenal assisted by the Obama White House, Israel will be forced to deploy a preemptive strike in order to protect their future. This action will likely invoke a response by the super powers such as China and Russia who have been supplying Israel’s enemies in the Middle East. the perfect scenario for an Armageddon confrontation would seem virtually assured! Thanks to the willingness of the Obama State Department to allow the Iranians to achieve their designs, we may see a costly regional conflict blossom into a global confrontation.

Our undefended borders

Is this not surprising? With Obama’s recent executive order endorsing amnesty for millions of illegal aliens within the US as well as those waiting just across the border to come flooding in as our border defense is compromised, something sinister is definitely afoot! One can no longer call the actions of our president being the product of bungling, ineptitude, or ideological naivety. It must be declared as intentional sabotage of America under almost every conceivable category of commerce, national security, social stability,religious freedom, and foreign relations. Members of ISIS are here in America via open borders policy. Criminals from Mexico and Central America are being released back into the population by the ICE under the direction of Eric Holder’s DOJ.

The end result

Under the perplexing persistence of President Obama’s flawed vision of America’s transformation, our nation is already being force fed the recipe for civil war, economic chaos, and the emboldened assault from our enemies who view this nation as weak under the White House’s incompetence! As liberals and White House pundits accuse the opposition to President Obama’s destructive policies as being racist, as the administration forces God out of the government and ushers in a new era of immorality as the guidepost for our society the year of 2014 marks the steady and intentional decline of the US. Enabled by a Congress too cowardly to fight back, a US media that ignores or refuses to report the reality of the president’s wrongdoing, and the moral decay being promoted by the federal government, we are witnessing the end of another traumatic year we called 2014. May God help us in 2015!

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A Conservative adult, musician, small businessman, former single parent of 4 children who never asked for government assistance even during the recession of the 80's, I love my country, but do not trust the government. I worry for my country everyday and hope my fellow Americans will wake up.

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