Unrest in America And Those Who Should be Indicted

All across America it seems at this juncture that police are being shot from Burleson, Texas to New York City. As marchers push their way through shopping centers in New York City chanting “Kill Cops!” we are constantly reminded of the growing tension that should never have happened. Mayor Bill DeBlasio is being pressured to resign due to his inflammatory remarks. President Obama fails to call upon the people to lay down their hostilities and seek peace. He would rather tell us that he was once treated with prejudice because he was asked to get a cup of coffee.

From the top down

Eric Holder, our US Attorney General came into office calling America a nation of racism and being afraid to address the problem. Yet, in six years race relations have deteriorated and violence has escalated! Just remember who has been in office in those six years. Barack Hussein Obama and the Democrats have unerringly held onto the racialized narratives that have instilled hatred and violence. They have consistently chosen to refuse to send out the correct message and have chosen for political purpose to hate monger at a time and season of the year when all Americans should draw together and think of peaceful means to live together on this Christmas Holiday, instead there is needless violence and death.

The poison of unfounded accusation

We are being influenced by the Obama White House to mistrust the police, the keepers of law and order on our streets. Why? When blacks statistically are 8 times more likely to commit violent crimes against whites, when young black men are responsible for committing 70% of the criminal acts, when it is whites who when accosted by police in a confrontation are 10% more likely to be shot, not blacks, where is the truth? Of course, the US media, with few exceptions, has been more than cooperative in helping to televise the deeds of the useful idiots as they march for their Pied Pipers leading them like brainless livestock.

Public stupidity

As protesters verbally abuse NYPD officers who visited the site of the execution of two of their comrades while sitting in their car by a black Muslim with a history of violent crime and was released back into the public by a federal judge, it is easy to comprehend the intentionally sanctioned unrest by sources connected to the Democratic Party! Blacks who feel emboldened by the message broadcast from the White House that the president approves of the protests and that they will not be prosecuted for violent acts perpetrated against law enforcement and white citizens, the motive behind this sanity is clear. Unrest is a familiar tool used to destabilize a society. Ask the late Yuri Bezmenov, former KGB agent and specialist on the targeting of propaganda toward those countries targeted by the Soviets for overthrow. Bezmenov lectured to many audiences across the US warning that the signs of socialist takeover were everywhere. Yet, his warnings went unheeded.

Never up to the task

It is our White House under the rule of a president who never held a job he could prove, never managed a business, attended the finest colleges in America as a foreign student benefiting from federal grants while flaunting his professors with minimal attendance, whose only experience was being a community organizer, an agitator. Our US Attorney General, Eric Holder, is a pardoned felon, and people ask why our federal government is blatantly lawless? The electorate who ignored the lack of qualifications of the presidential candidate who promised the transformation we are seeing now is social unrest becomes the norm, our economy tanks, and our military is being gradually compromised from within, is responsible.

The defendants identified

Who should be indicted for inciting riots? Who in this country should be held accountable for stoking the flames of racial hatred? Who has felt it more important to inflame the tensions that would disrupt the potential for peace on Christmas? The answer. President Barack Obama, Al Sharpton, NYC Mayor Bill DeBlasio, and AG Eric Holder, would all be indicted for sedition. This particular act can be considered treason when it is associated with attempting to provoke rebellion! If our judiciary were operating under its proper capacity without having been corrupted by this administration our system would bring these men to justice for their opportunistic and unpatriotic attempts at conspiring to destabilize our society! There is no logical excuse for instilling massive social unrest, violent protests, and encouraging attacks against our police in cities across the nation, but these are the times we now live in. Right has become wrong and the unthinkable has become the norm under the perversion of the present White House.

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A Conservative adult, musician, small businessman, former single parent of 4 children who never asked for government assistance even during the recession of the 80's, I love my country, but do not trust the government. I worry for my country everyday and hope my fellow Americans will wake up.

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