US Government Treats Terrorists Better Than Americans Part III

Under the aegis of social justice, multiculturalism, and class warfare, the typical myths driving the narratives of leftist ideology, America under the Obama administration is under an unprecedented form of orchestrated unrest. According to such experts on the overthrow of governments such as former KGB agent, Yuri Bezmenov, it was quite apparent to him that all apparatus of subversion were well underway and working toward the ejection of traditional American values as he lectured around the US in the 1980’s and early 1990’s. Unfortunately, his warnings went unheeded. In Yuri’s estimation when the voice of radicalism goes unanswered by the conservative core of a society, social instability sets in.

Redefining the truth

The Obama White House has done its best to insure that social instability has taken root and flowered like a Venus Fly Trap. the mind of our students, the low information voter, and the opportunistic wards of the state have allowed their mentality to be trapped in the propaganda of this administration. Under this redefinition of reality as we know it, those who are productive and prosperous are bad while the dissenters, the criminals, and the enemy have become either victims of an unjust system, heroes when they attack our society, or products of a backlash against America brought on by its own actions!

Who is the criminal here?

When federal agencies such as the IRS are allowed to conduct rogue campaigns of persecution against patriotic factions such as the Tea Party and still award their employees with bonuses after being exposed, in the aftermath, this is but one example of lawlessness gone unchecked. Yet, the ongoing attacks by the federal government against Christian prayer in public, by the military, and as shown on outdoor plaques and signs where the Ten Commandments are removed from the fascia of courthouses demonstrates a deep ideological divide between the America we once knew and an emerging form of tyrannical rule. America now bows down to the demands of the enemy. It is the law abiding citizens who are now no longer represented or protected.

Trading with the enemy

When our government trades convicted Cuban murderers for one US hostage without even requiring further demands for human rights or altering their policies toward spying on the US, it is clear that the Obama White House would rather reward a hostile regime with the backing of US dollars than use leverage to demand reform. Cuba has been used as a Russian missile base, has launched attacks against the US with operatives who have killed US political leaders, and has even ordered the shootdown of US domestic flights, but aiding Cuba is more important than their history of hostile actions against their own people as well as America.

The real victims?

When US citizens such as ranchers and traveling tourists were killed by illegal aliens crossing our borders unopposed by border patrol agents forced to stand down by the federal government no arrests were ordered. When operation Fast and Furious caused the deaths of 2 border patrol officers, US citizens, and thousands of Mexican residents it was the informant who came under fire from his own comrades. This man was not acknowledged for his bravery by the federal government for aiding in the identification of an illegal gun walking program that supplied criminals across our borders with US weapons, he had to fear for his life!
Protecting wrongdoers

In this era of insane juxtapositioning of laws and morality the good have become the target while the law breakers are protected by the government! Major Nidal Hassan, a Muslim extremist hiding in the sheep’s wool of the US Army as a counselor for US servicemen who had fought overseas, is promoted to Colonel even after admitting that the 32 people he shot on base at Ft. Hood was an act of terrorism even though President Obama refused to refer to the incident as such. Even when the FBI had the word “terrorism” expunged from the text of the investigation documents it did nothing to ease the pain of those wounded and crippled by the Islamist’s bullets and who were denied medical treatment by the VA under the provision for an act of war. In short, the terrorist still lives and those who were crippled by his bullets are not compensated for their medical expenses by the federal government.

A pardoned felon

When the FBI investigations of Islamic Mosques used to distribute terrorist material and to recruit fighters are blocked by US Attorney General Eric Holder yet US citizens continue to endure the spying of the NSA it is clear that a distressing double standard exists! The Obama White House harbors our enemies while allowing its very own citizens to be victimized at the hands of out of control agencies who know no limits when the government refuses to police its own! One might find it interesting that our US Attorney General, Eric Holder himself is a former convicted felon pardoned by another Democrat President, William Clinton. It seems the guilty are now granted the rights in today’s America while the citizen is at risk not only from the enemy allowed to run amuck, but the bureaucracies that are out of control!

Who gets the reward?

One must come to the conclusion that the terrorist is indeed treated better than his victim, that federal enforcers are more interested in holding US citizens suspect than the enemy, and that the overall policy of the White House is committed toward giving looters respect as long as they call for the deaths of our police officers who were merely doing their jobs. Destabilization of our society is well underway especially when it is orchestrated from within from the White House itself. How did this insanity come about? How can it possibly upheld by a government that complies with the US Constitution? History has already taught many bloody and reprehensible lessons about what happens once a government stoops to such levels and the rights of its citizens become meaningless. Is this why US history is being discouraged and rewritten in public schools?

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A Conservative adult, musician, small businessman, former single parent of 4 children who never asked for government assistance even during the recession of the 80's, I love my country, but do not trust the government. I worry for my country everyday and hope my fellow Americans will wake up.

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