Newtown Families Want to Assault the Constitution

The families of the victims in the Newtown Connecticut Sandy Hook shooting by Adam Lanza in 2012 have filed a lawsuit against Bushmaster, the manufacturer of the AR-15 used in that heinous crime. Although I can’t even conceive of someone killing those tiny babies that had the misfortune of going to school that day – just as I can’t conceive of someone killing tiny babies residing in their mother’s womb – another thing that is hard for me to comprehend is the idea of fat people should sue Hostess for their obesity and heart disease.

A friend of mine was held up at knife-point and robbed on his own front porch. It was a terrifying experience and he was pretty shaken up by it. However, to my knowledge, he hasn’t as of yet sought legal action against Schrade for making the pocket knife that was wielded by the assailant. After all, a knife is a scary instrument, with an intimidating and sharp edge meant to slice open flesh. And since civilians aren’t capable of handling such a dangerous and lethal device, why are Schrade, Buck, Eastland Cutlery, Case, Gerber, and a whole host of other knife makers allowed to flood the population with these horrible instruments of mayhem? I mean, knives kill far more people each year than guns do, so where’s the legislation to lessen the massive murder rates for which they are responsible?

The implement accountable for the highest number of murders each year, far higher than guns, is incendiary devices. So when will we go after Shell, Chevron, and BP for making all that gasoline? Or even the red plastic containers that hold the horrible liquid.

Far more deaths are attributable to alcohol than guns, so where’s the legal action against Coors and Seagrams?

For that matter, auto accidents account for three times the number of all firearm deaths combined, so where’s the lawsuits against Ford and Chevy?

Rope! Any idea how many suicides that take place by hanging? How about razors, poison, baseball bats, candle holders, crescent wrenches, hammers? How many do we lose each year from suicidal deaths by carbon monoxide! When is this nation going to wise up and stop these heartless manufacturers of enclosed garages?

Who actually needs an enclosed garage?

Josh Koskoff, attorney for the families said Monday,

“The AR-15 was specifically engineered for the U.S. military to meet the needs of changing warfare. The weapon was not designed for home defense or hunting. This weapon was designed to efficiently kill other human beings in combat.”

It’s hard for me to believe that a lawyer is ignorant of the purpose of the Constitution’s second amendment. But I’ll give Mr. Koskoff the benefit of the doubt and consider him stupid. Therefore, for his edification, the purpose of the second amendment wasn’t intended to protect the right to have a good venison meal, nor was it intended to stop an intruder from breaking into someone’s prairie dwelling. The purpose, Mr. Koskoff, of our Founding fathers’ incorporation of the second amendment was to equip The People with the proper firepower to stop the Government from oppressing them! If, God forbid, our kind and loving Government decided to enslave its citizens again, just as it did in the nineteenth century, then We the People will need firearms as state of the art and powerful as that of the tyrannical government that tries to tramples them. They will need weapons designed to, “efficiently kill other human beings in combat” just as our Founding fathers had intended when they wrote those documents known as THE SUPREME LAW OF THE LAND. And that law, the Constitution, was written in such a way as to be impenetrable, inviolable, even to the point that such a law, or as Jefferson and other Framers of the time said, those “God given rights,” shall not be “infringed” upon by anything less than a national and interstate change to the Founding Document itself.

Those very wise and intelligent men, knowing the levels of depravity to which governments can sink, intentionally made such a change extremely difficult.

I can’t imagine the pain that those parents of those little ones have suffered. Nothing, absolutely nothing could be worse! If I had the responsibility of administering punishment to Adam Lanza for what he did to those little children, water boarding would be a warm, sudsy bubble bath by comparison.

But having some citizens take away the Constitutional rights of other citizens because another citizen did something despicable, is not the answer.

And suing McDonald’s because I weight three hundred pounds isn’t the answer either.

If you’re fat, go on a diet. If you’re an alcoholic, seek help and stop drinking. And if you have a problem with murder in your community, make the punishment so severe that those considering it will tremble at the thought.


If you do, the freedoms – and indeed the country – you will lose may be your own.

And even worse, mine!

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